Little League Baseball

For most of my youth I had participated in the fine tradition that is little league baseball. Much like every little kid I really didn’t know what I was doing or where I really belonged in the field. Through practice and advice from coaches I would eventually become a decent batter and once paired with a superior pitcher would become a dominant force behind the plate catching for 3 seasons of a championship team.

The problem with little league is that some adults forget that it is just an organized league for the kids. They are in no way professionals and should not be expected to perform as such. It is a time to learn the fundamentals of the game and have fun.

Unfortunately, because some adults live vicariously through their children trying to live out the dreams they didn’t or couldn’t or have such a “win” complex that the fun is forgotten. I have witnessed “adults” get into fist fights over coaching decisions and the out comes of games. I have also experienced parents and coaches resort to cheating on various levels in order to win.

Even though I don’t yet have children of my own participating in little league I have recently been re-exposed to it via other family members. I am glad to see that it is still a thriving activity for youth to participate in, but the dark side of the game quickly showed its ugly head again.

Please don’t let this taint anyone from allowing their children to participate in little league baseball. It is a great sport to learn when growing up. I gained some friends this way, learned teamwork, and other life lessons along the way. There is more good to be gained from participating, but I was just disappointed to see that some of the same old stupidity took place.


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