Share The Road

When I am driving any vehicle I willingly share the road with any other motorist. Don’t care what you are driving as long as it is a mechanized (has an engine) vehicle. However, what I won’t tolerate is a bicyclist expecting the same treatment. I understand that most states/counties have “share the road” laws making anyone on a pedal bicycle supposedly equivalent to a motor vehicle, but honestly I don’t agree with that assessment.

When you are on a bicycle you are not able to maintain anywhere near the speed a motor vehicle can and maneuver ability is questionable. Visual acquisition is also sometimes sketchy even with reflectors and brightly colored clothing. At night is actually much worse. Which brings me to my story.

The other evening when I was commuting home from work I came upon slow moving traffic. Everyone in the traveling lane is trying to merge into the passing lane so as to get around someone slow moving. I thought it was just one of the municipalities moving their front end loaders to another work site for the next day. Most of them have the for site to move their heavy equipment during the late evening so as to minimalize the disruption of traffic. Being as there is a constant flow of traffic in the passing lane I have to wait my turn to move over.

When I finally get to move around other vehicles I find that its a lone bicyclist causing the traffic issue. Instead or using the sidewalks or moving to the side of the road to allow traffic to pass easier she decides to ride the center of the lane holding up traffic. Granted the law says she is allowed to ride in the middle of the lane and be granted the same clearance and space as any other road vehicle I honestly just don’t care. A bicycle is not equivalent to any truck, car, or motorcycle. Shit its not even equivalent to Vespa scooter.

When on a bike trek with my boy scout troop we always try and stay off roadways unless absolutely necessary. And when we are on the streets we maintain a single file line as far to the side as possible so vehicles can quickly and safely maneuver past us.

Sleeping Arrangments

For the first time ever I have to continuously share a bed with someone now. Let me clarify to start with I am not complaining, but it is an adjustment for me. For close to 30 years I have had my own bed to myself.

Now that I share a bed with my wife I find my sleeping habits have changed. (For the better…..I think?) I have more or less shifted to her sleeping schedule which is going to bed earlier and getting an earlier start to my day. So far this has worked out in the effect that I find myself more well rested and more productive.

Maintaining sleep tends to be a little different now as well. I find myself roused from slumber easier. I attribute this mostly to the fact that again, I haven’t had anyone sleeping in the same bed as me ever so when the mattress shifts more than just a little I’m going to feel it. I also find myself more aware of odd internal and external noises of the house. (Please note the we have slept in a bed together on several other occasions but not for consecutive days as we do now.)

In the winter I know there will be a bonus because of shared body heat. Well for her anyway. In general my core body temperature tends to run slightly higher than normal where as my wife tends have feet and hands that feel like ice cubes.

Don’t really know where I’m heading with my thoughts on this at this point, but rest assured I’ll be throwing my thoughts into the ether as I encounter more firsts as newly married man.

Wedding Jitters

I lost count of how many people asked me, “Are you nervous?”. Every time my answer was no. At no point in time did I have a reason to. My wife just didn’t give me a reason to be and through the amount of time we gave ourselves in preparation for the wedding everything went smoothly except for one hiccup. (A story for another time.) Let me break this down a way the might be more understandable.

I have the pleasure of owning a 50 Cal rifle. It is a rare occasion I take it out namely because of the expense of ammo. However, when I do I get all sorts of excited and happy. That’s my equivalent feeling leading up to the wedding. The wedding day itself was like the second(s)leading up before I pull the trigger. Either this is going to be a spectacular on the money shot and I get that awesome adrenaline rush of putting some lead down range or I’m gonna get the one junk round and the rifle is going to blow apart in my hands. Need less to say if you haven’t figured it out by now it was the exciting wonderful part.

I refused to let any negativity sneak into what was to be an awesome special day for me, my wife, and out collective friends and family.

I Have Returned

Greetings ya’ll. I apologize for the long absence, but life got in the way again. I know that it only takes a few brief minutes to bang out some words of wisdom, but planning a wedding, honeymoon, shopping for a house, and transitioning to a new position in my job took a lot of me in a given day. In short I hope to be back a couple days a week to enlighten some people, make others laugh, or just spark a conversation in general.

Catch you on the flip side.