Time is Running Out

I’m sure everyone has heard the old axiom, “there aren’t enough hours in the day”.  Well, that is a very true statement. As I sit here and type this BLOG it is an hour past my bedtime and there is probably about an hours worth of miscellaneous stuff I need to get caught up on. However, since I’m looking down the barrel of a shift and a half tomorrow, plus my weekly scout meeting, plus some quality time with my better half sleep wins.

I seriously have no clue who have busier lives than I do get shit done when I’m sitting here struggle busing to get my shit done. This being an adult thing is beat. I’m sure only working one job would significantly improve my ability to get things done and allow for better time management, but since I have bills to pay grind away I shall.

I know there is light at the end of the tunnel somewhere I just need whoever keeps screwing with the light bulb to knock it off.


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