Occasionally I will enter an online contest via Facebook for one of the businesses that I follow. Up until a few days ago I had never won. And then I did.

Most contests require you to “click like”, share the post, tag 12 friends, write a paragraph as to why you should win, take a picture doing something ridiculous. A litany of things to say they least. This time around it was just a simple “click the like button” and move on with your day. 24 hours had passed and then I get a notification that I had one.

When I saw the notification I thought it was BS, but after a few message exchanges with the company my prize is on its way. (Just to clarify for inquiring minds it was a dress shirt from Paul Frederick.)

If your going “what’s the deal with him rambling on about all this nonsense”, its because I generally don’t win contests or games of chance. When I play the lottery I either come up with nothing, or break even on the cost of ticket. On the rare occasion I venture into the local area casino at best I make a 20 to 50 dollar “donation” and leave.


For as long as I have been aware of what exactly is entailed to be the President of the United States of America I have always viewed it as a position of great importance that should be honored and respected by both the American people and the person occupying that position. However, the person currently occupying this time honored office, in my humble opinion, is doing anything but that.

When it became clear that Donald Trump would become the 45th President of the United States I thought that all the heads of the major news stations had gotten together and decided they were going to “Punk” America. Then when it became clear that that wasn’t happening either I resigned myself to the fact that it was going to be another eight years of the Republican version of the status quo. Boy, was I wrong on that one as well.

For as much controversy that surrounded the election of President Trump I wanted him to do well. I thought that the celebrity BS would be put aside and he would do his best to get both sides of the isle together and get something done. The Donald got both sides of the political divides together alright. United in stymieing anything he wants to do or in total opposition.

Here’s my ultimate beef with Donald Trump as our President. To me the President embodies what should be the ultimate professional. For the most part, I haven’t seen much of anything resembling any level of professionalism. Some of the dumb things The Donald has said in press conferences or tweeted out is mind boggling. I have watched/heard disagreements between elementary school students be more cordial than some of the muck ups our presidents had engaged in.

I know that I should be going over examples to support my argument here, but all one has to do is watch one of the major news networks and you could see exactly what I am talking about. In short, I am embarrassed of our current President.

A Full Nights Sleep

Last night for the first time in over two months I actually got a full nights sleep. That’s right people, my two month old stayed asleep for slightly more than a continuous 7 hours and both myself and wife got a complete nights sleep. Let me break it down for you.

Once we both got over how awesome it was a slight bit of panic set in. Although it was the noise of our daughter coming over the monitor that woke us up for the day the thought that something was wrong crept into my head and stayed there until I saw her and realized she was fine. Just as much as children don’t like drastic change all that much it bugged us as adults in this instance.

As my night draws to a close this evening I am hoping for a repeat of yesterdays prolonged slumber of our little one. A return to pre-baby sleeping patterns for myself anyway is much sought after,


Did you loose weight?

Over the last few months or so I have received compliments from both family members and patients alike that I looked like I was loosing weight. From my last weigh in at my yearly physical I had lost over 30 lbs. At this point in the game I am confident that I have lost more as I have moved into a smaller pants size as well.

In an effort to get my weight under control a couple years ago I decided to cut my sugary drink intake. I essentially cut my soda consumption down to 1 can a week and limited other sugary drink consumption as well. This helped mitigate the problem, but was only a small step in the right direction.

Once I moved in with my wife (fiancée at the time) I was able to finally better modify my diet. With a combination of fried food reduction, portion control, and increased exercise I was able to finally start dialing back some of the pounds.

What really got the needle moving was when my wife found out that she would have to deal with gestational diabetes while pregnant with our first child. The conditioned was controlled with medication, but also with diet modification. I decided that I would embrace as much of her diet change as I was able to “stomach”. Since the lions share of it was carb control this helped get the pounds dropping off as well.

The drop in weight has benefited me greatly. The self confidence booster alone is enough to make getting out of bed easier in the morning. From a health stand point I have benefited on several points, but most positively stress reduction on my knees and back since they have both been damaged/repaired as a result of past injuries/abuse.

If you have stopped reading already your probably wondering why I posted all of this. Some of this is to toot my own horn. When your running on a confidence high keep the ball rolling. I also am posting it to maybe inspire/motivate others as well.

I’m Back…

So for the fifth or sixth time since I moved into my new house I’m restarting this BLOG. I’m probably only going to be posting one to two times per week as my schedule allows.

Just to clarify what happened to your regularly scheduled program, let me break it down. On top of getting married over a year ago I went through the process of buying a house….twice. As if buying a home and having to work on the house before actually moving in wasn’t enough I also became a father. As you can see my dance card was a little full.

Now that there is some normalcy in my life again I can start getting my thoughts back out into the ethos. As I have had 3 major life changes in less than 2 years time I should be armed with lots of life advice and stories to share in general for quit some time to come.

Strap in people. It should make for an interesting ride.