Mace or Lance?

Yesterday during the craziness that ensued during the late evening I was hurriedly trying to count some medication and had to open a new stock bottle. My normal procedure to break the safety seal on the bottle is to use the blunt end of the counting spatula and just ram it home which normally rips the entirety of the seal off saving me a few seconds. However, some manufacturers use a significantly thinker safety seal on their bottles.

When I encounter this it requires a more pointed incision in order to pierce the seal and remove it from said bottle. So after failing to bash in the seal with blunt back end I turned around the spatula and pierced it with the more finer front end. It is at this point that I’m sure everyone is wondering why I’m rambling on about all this nonsense.

I’m trying to express a comparative for life’s problems. (Yes, I know, big word.) Sometimes you can just bulldoze through things and get the problem solved, but it some problems require a bit more finesse to get through and have to be tackled in a more precise way.

A Royal Screw Up

So today was my future mother in-laws 60 surprisish birthday celebration. What I consider a key component of any birthday celebration would be the birthday cake. So at her request my fiancée ordered a birthday cake from a place called The Royal Bakery. It is somewhere both of them frequented before and without issue….until today that is. Let me lay it out here.

On Monday the 21st my fiancée stopped by and placed an order for a birthday cake to be picked up today the 27th. I know that we were going head long into the Holiday on the 21st, but given that they had 6 days between order placement and pickup and were only closed Christmas day one would think that they would be able to complete the order without issue. Well they didn’t. In fact they didn’t even make an attempt.

When my fiancée arrived to pick up the cake nothing was ready. The employee on at the time reads a note that says a message was left on the 24th (Christmas Eve) that they would not have cake for us. I knew this was a lie the second I was told, but just for the heck of it I investigated anyway. It was obvious from the lack of a missed call or pending voicemail on my fiancée’s phone that said call was never placed so I checked with my cell provider to make sure there were no error codes from that day which may have prevented the receipt of said call and/or message…..there weren’t any.

A few choice words were used and the employee didn’t really apologize. To target a phrase the employee used, “I don’t know what to tell you. I just work here”. Well no shit Sherlock it’s at the point that you figure out how to make it right. What really pissed me off is that someone blatantly lied. I have yet to choose a  course of action, but this will not go without at least an apology. Under what circumstances does any business run like that?

Luckily my fiancée was able to get a cake from the local grocery store and the party went as it should. I just can’t fathom this one. The amount of obscenities I originally had in the post was ridiculous that’s how angry I am. Ladies and Gent’s there’s only a handful of things that truly piss me off. A bald face lie and messing with my family is at the top of the list. I know it was only a birthday cake, but you know what it was for a milestone birthday and everyone would have been disappointed without one.

The End of An Era???

So this is the first Christmas since I was born that I didn’t receive a Hess truck. If you people don’t know what I’m talking about google that shit. Yes, since 1986 I have received a Hess truck as a Christmas gift and your damn straight I played with it every year too. Don’t care if I’m knocking on the door of 30.

It kind of is my own fault. Hess petrol had sold of their remaining gas stations so you would no longer be able to even take a quick hours drive and purchase one anymore. I told my family members not to worry about it that I would watch online and purchase one myself when they became available. And watch I did.

At first it was going to be an online purchase only. Then they also did kiosks in a handful of malls. (The closet one was about a 3 hour drive. BULLSHIT ON THAT!) So I figured I’d wait until they day after they became available online. Do the smart thing and give it a day because I knew their servers would crash from all the orders. Well it was a spectacular crash because those things stayed down for up to a week.

To add insult to injury once the servers came back online to prevent it from happening again they put everyone in a virtual line and you would be emailed when you were eligible to order yours. At that point in the game I decided to tap out because I figured it would only end in disappointment and I could always just order one after the new year. I would be wrong.

Hess has decided to not put a second post season batch into production. I will inevitably have to be price gouged by someone to continue my collection. (Haven’t decided on weather or not I will yet, but most likely nostalgia will take ahold of me at some point or another.) I honestly had not expected to pay ridiculous prices for Hess truck until I decided to start working backwards from where my family started me off all those years ago.

Otherwise I had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas celebration over the last couple of days and look forward to another well deserved day off tomorrow. Hope everyone had or will have an enjoyable holiday season.


Read Something Damn It

In a given year I will read at least six books. Despite the sometimes hectic lifestyle I lead I will always find a way to crush a few chapters in a week. If I’m really into a plot point or want to see how an issue is resolved I will for go on sleep. Not exactly a great idea, but when I’m into the story…game on.

I normally have at least one book that I am always inching my way through. This I have dubbed my commode side reader. When I know its gonna be a few in the thrown room I’m not one of those people who can be on their phone. My fear of dropping it into the bowl is too great and I’m sure there are enough diseases on the surface anyway not looking to add any more.

When it comes to reading I prefer to have the actual book in my hand. I have used an e-reader in the past, but it wasn’t the same tactile experience and I normally log some where in the ball park of 12 hours per day in front of a computer screen I’m not looking for more.

I know audio books is still a thing, but I will not be making that conversion anytime soon if ever. I am capable of learning and processing information audio logically, but when it comes to digesting and enjoying from a literature source I prefer to be able to read it rather than listen and pace it how I see fit.

Listen here people. If you graduated high school an decided that I will never read a book again you are an idiot and should hand that diploma back. Clearly you gained nothing from any of your reading/literature classes and need to try again. Pick up a book at least once a week and read for at least a half hour. There are many genres out there. I’m sure you can find something you’ll like.

Not From Around These Parts

So today I witnessed what was almost a really bad accident.  Let me explain…

After leaving the restaurant we had dinner with my parents at I was in line behind a car that had their lights off yet. I didn’t think much of it as some people just don’t turn their lights on until they merge into traffic. I don’t get that and I think its a bad idea, but whatever. However, as we stopped at the next light  the lights had not come on yet So I flashed my high beams at them.

We continue on in traffic and at least half a dozen cars in the opposing lanes flash their lights at them as well. During the transit to the turn to get on the highway I would see the driver turn on their map light in the vehicle and fidget with their GPS or phone. Now I know their not from the area and are trying to figure out where they are going.

So as we get to the turn said car in front of me proceeds to make it and heads down the exit side of the ramp instead of the entrance side. The only reason there wasn’t an accident is because there were no cars exiting from the highway and no one exited until the idiot driver had turned themselves around.

I think they got the clue when they had a whole line of cars honking at them. At no point in time before I exited the area did their lights come on.

The moral of the story here is to pay attention to what the hell you are doing especially when you are in an area unfamiliar to you. There is zero excuse to not be using a mandatory safety feature of your vehicle especially when other peoples lives are at stake.


One of my favorite toys from my childhood is Lego’s. I kept a majority of my Lego’s until I was almost 25. It was at that point that I realized I couldn’t realistically hang onto them anymore as I wouldn’t be having my own kids anytime soon. I would learn that a coworkers son loved as much as I did and passed on my collection to him.

Don’t get me wrong I still have some Lego’s in my possession just not the sizeable collection I had several years ago. And yes, I still occasionally play with them. Judge me how you will your opinion matters not.

When I do have children of my own I will purchase Lego’s again with reckless abandon. I currently stare at the sets and know that I can’t justify blowing 50 bucks on single set or any money on them for that matter.

However, today was an exception as I was able to purchase a set for a Toys for Tots drive I will be participating in this weekend. Fond memories of childhood came flooding back again.

Throwing The Bird

Somewhere in the last month or so while driving home from a team training I had someone decide that they needed to throw me the bird (see middle finger) in response to me honking at them. Normally I could care less, but I wrote my experience down that day and figured I would return to the thought at another time much like I am now. Let me run through the story and explain why it wasn’t warranted.

While waiting for the light to cycle to green I try and pay attention to traffic around me just to see if even when the light turns green I’m going to have to wait an extra second before proceeding myself because some other motorist is going to run the red so they don’t have to wait another cycle. There are some fairly impatient people out there. I was not first in line at the light, but having a good situational awareness while driving I consider mandatory. (See Jedi Powers) In this situation that would not be occurring at the light as the flow of traffic crossing in front of us cleared quickly and there was a decent delay between the red and the change to green on our side.

Now as a courtesy to the person leading the line I’ll give you a three Mississippi before I start honking to motivate you into moving unless I know it is a badly timed light then there is not a blessed thing I can do and will achieve nothing with the honk. In this instance there was ample timing and the three Mississippi had passed so a quick honk was issued and sure enough the driver in front of me started moving. I thought for sure that would have been the end of the exchange between me and the car in front, but I would be wrong.

For whatever reason the passenger of said vehicle took it upon themselves to roll their window down and throw me the bird. I drive a full sized pickup truck and have a height advantage over the Volvo in front of me so I had a clear enough view over the top and could see that there was no reason for the delay. If Wild West justice was still applicable I would be justified to shoot through the windshield and put a round through his hand for an unjustified insult. Since we don’t live in that era I’ll have to settle for complaining on here.