I’m Offended

On a daily basis I watch and hear people complain about or be offended by some of the dumbest things. Seriously, the amount of nonsensical things is staggering. (One would think based on how little time we have to complete life’s daily tasks some of these “issues” would be nonissues.  How the internet hasn’t collapsed yet in on itself yet I continually wonder. All of this is a large chunk of the reasons why I have drastically reduced how much of local and national news I consume. My brain is only capable of handling so much.

I have also reduced my online interactions with the various news outlets, especially, their social media presences. It is truly astounding how many people will run with something and have nothing more than a few bullet points. (The accuracy of which is more often than not questionable.) Sometimes these people I speak of are the very news reporters we watch on a daily basis. Ignorance is still bliss apparently.

Now I know that I sometimes do this myself and bitch about something that really isn’t anything. Please note that I also try and impart something useful in each post and am not easily offended.

Let me simplify things by providing a brief list of things that I find acceptable for people to be offended by and can complain about.

-Providing enough food for all the worlds population

-Providing access to clean water for all the worlds population

– Providing adequate housing for all the worlds population

– Global climate change

– Raising the minimum wage across the board

These are in no particular order, just as they popped into my head, Most will call these delusions of grandeur, but I will continue to dream big.

Smashing The Tomato

Whenever I have my mother in my truck with me I will inevitably go through an intersection on a yellow light. She calls this “squeezing the lemon.” I’m sure this is a common term but I don hear anyone else throwing it around either. Subsequently my sister and bride to be remind me not to squeeze the lemon when driving with me.

To all of them I respond with, “at least I’m not smashing the tomato.” Essentially running a red light. However, I do occasionally watch people smash the tomato and the chaos that ensues afterwards is normally spectacular.

My first example is when I was returning from the garbage dump in the construction companies that I used to work for dump truck. This thing is a beast of a truck. 1985 Chevy Alfa Romeo CV 33. (Google it.)  Some idiot at the light at the main entry way decided to run it and side swiped the dump truck and then hit one of the municipal garbage trucks. I was fine, the dump truck and garbage only had some cosmetic issues, but said pick up that ran the light was toast.

Second example was from earlier today when someone again ran the red and was towing a boat. Had there not been anything towed the offending vehicle it would have been missed by inches, but with there was a green light and all. Let’s just say the boat is toast and the truck towing it no longer has a rear bumper or axel or frame…..

Moral of the story here people. Don’t run red lights.

The Gay’s are Ok

Boy Scouts of America has finally lifted the ban on gay adult leaders…well kind of. I’ll circle back to the “kind of” part in a minute you’ll just have to bare with me for now. I am glad that national got it together and has extended the opportunity to all adults to be part of scouting regardless of sexual orientation. There are a handful of former scouts whom I hope to see become active leaders again now that the ban has been lifted. Far too long have they been gone from what they once loved and enjoyed.

All I can say is that I am sorry that the powers that be shunned you, but please come back. I know there is much that the youth can learn from you. You may be the difference that helps a boy make it on his trail to Eagle. Alright, lets circle back to the “kind of”.

After rereading the comments from BSA’s President, Robert M. Gates, I have concluded that this move to stop the ban was not done for the right reasons, but to avoid what would probably turn into a costly and lengthy legal battle. Wanting to avoid that legal mess makes sense to me, but the decision to lift the ban should have been done in a better light. None the less, the right decision has been made albeit for probably the wrong reasons.

The national council has also left a sizeable loophole. If a scout unit’s charter organization or committee finds that allowing gay leaders to be a part of the troop to be a violation of their own religious rules they can still enforce the ban. If you look at the percentage of scout troops whose charter organization is normally a place of worship you would see that a large percentage could still potentially enforce the ban. I honestly don’t foresee many actually doing so, but the potential is there.

From my religious studies I was taught that we should always love and care for one another. At no point in time was there ever mention of there being an exception that you don’t have to because said person bats for the other team. To further my point here, I believe that in order for scouters to truly follow the tenants set forth in the scout law we need to be accepting of all people from all walks of life otherwise we are failing miserably to uphold the spirit of scouting.

If you disagree with nationals decision that is your right. However, you can either tow the line and get with the program or get out. I know that runs counter to a lot of what I just said but we either work together to make scouting better each day or part ways. I also accept that fact that it may be me who is shown the door as well.

Latrine Duty

I had been kicking this one around in my head for a while trying to decide if it was worth the post. My internal committee came to a consensus on yes.

Upon arriving at summer camp I promised myself that other than the necessary services required of me by the camp or my troop directly I was going to relax and not let anything bother me. I failed miserably at the not letting anything bother me portion. Didn’t even make it half a day and someone managed to irritate me.

In the same campsite as my troop was another unit from out of state. When there are multiple troops in the same campsite chores get split up as they should. In this instance it was decided upon that all chores would be done by troops on alternating days. If you haven’t figured it out from the title latrine duty is one of the daily tasks.

During my first day in camp it was our chore day. I also happened to be the only person from my troop in camp at the time so of course I’m the only choice of person to address issues with. As such one of the male leaders from the other troop comes over to inform me that the latrine was out of toilet paper.

Normally, this isn’t a big what to do, but he continued to inform me that even though the cleaning and restocking of the latrine had been taken care of hours earlier that day it was still our chore day and as such needed to restock the TP. Really dude?! All of the information after being told the latrine was out of TP can be filed some where between no shit and no duh.

Honestly, I would have just brushed off his statement except for if you compared the size of both troops said other troop sharing the camp site with my unit was more than double the size. If you do the math you will use more than twice the amount of shitter tickets as my troop. How about you have one of your boys run to the quarter masters supply and get more.

Like the good scout I am, I just smiled and said it would be taken care of. At that point I thought I was in for a long week, but luckily that was the only transgression I  had to deal with.

It’s Too Hot Out

So today while making reminder calls I had a patient tell me that it was too hot out over the last few days and that’s why they didn’t pick up their prescription.

To clarify it has been in the low 80’s, partially cloudy, and almost no humidity and aside for the pending thunderstorm this evening the trend is going to continue for the next few days.

In terms of excuses that was a bad one. Get someone to pick it up for you or here’s a crazy thought ask us to deliver it and not even have to worry about venturing outside.

Ladies and Gentlemen there are very few reasons not to pick up a medication that is life sustaining. I could continue to lecture on this matter, but my brain is fried from the day the way it is and I’m having a hard time stringing two thoughts together.

Bottom line is this was a shitty excuse and this person masquerading as an adult needs to get it together.

Dead Idea’s

One of the biggest problems I have when it comes to writing a BLOG is choosing an idea. In a given day I probably write down 2 or 3 things and think of 4 or 5 more and dismiss them for one reason or another. The problem with the 2 or 3 that I do write down is that I’m only going to use one of them in a day and try and save the other 1 or 2 so I have something to talk about down the road.

In most instances it works out, the idea gets used, and everyone gets some info and/or entertainment from my ranting’s. Other times I look at something I wrote down and have zero recall on any part of the thought pattern I was having at the time of the idea and thus it becomes a dead idea. Some exampled include, “Horsey Sauce”, “First Job”, and “Shopping”. Now that’s not to say that won’t resurface again down the line or be included into another BLOG but for the time being they are DOA.

There are ideas I will sit on for a good measure of time because it doesn’t make sense to talk about it in the immediate moment. Mostly to do with the time of year and when events occur.

The struggle is real people. Carry on.

Minimum Wage Increase

So one of my friends sent me a news article with a title that without reading the article will elicit a very inflammatory response. In my case it did, but I put my initial response in check until I was able to sit, read, and digest the article in whole.

Basically, what has happened is that New York states governor has taken the advice of his three member panel of fast-food restaurant workers and agreed to pass legislation to make specifically the minimum wage of fast food workers be raised to $15.00. Before I tear down this decision lets be clear that minimum wage needs to be increased end of story.

The article goes on to compare that the entry level fast-food worker will be on the same starting scale as a paramedic. I can’t wrap my head around that at all even of the fact of how many other skilled jobs whose starting salary is on pace with that or lower. I don’t know any other way to say this, but no, in fact, Hell no.

I have worked in a fast food restaurant. Most of the work is unskilled or minimal skill labor. Granted I was only a teenager at the time, but I still recall a lot of what I did and it didn’t require a lot of training or knowledge. Do you work hard? Yes, but nothing to the effect that would warrant such a increase in wages.

I am acutely aware that it may be the only job that some people have or are capable of holding, but that does not sway my opinion. There are tons of job training programs out there a lot of which is free or at a reduced cost. Take advantage of said programs and better yourself. For the people who aren’t capable of more than a fast-food job or similarly low skill job that’s fine. First I’m glad they are being contributing members of society, but there are other programs and agencies out there to help said people support themselves. Really didn’t know how to word that last part without sounding like a total asshole, but eh.

Here’s the compromise I’m willing to make. If you are going to raise the minimum wage of one set of workers you must raise it for everyone. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I also demand that the wage scales of other jobs be raised appropriately as well.


Phone Cords

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone March 7th, 1876. That means the phone has been in existence for a little over 139 years. I think that I can safely say that the phone cord has also existed just as long.

What I can’t figure out is that why in all this time have we not figured out a phone cord that doesn’t turn into a tangled mess after a few weeks worth of use. We are literally knocking on the door of putting the first humans on Mars and I have to deal with shitty tangled phone cords constantly. It boggles the mind.

For those of you who will point out that there are retractable phone cords you can file that some where between no shit and no duh. They are actually worse than regular phone cords. Either the base or the phone cord connection pulls apart or the reel breaks within a few weeks. Haven’t found one yet that can withstand the abuse.

Ultimately, that is the problem. They are just cheap pieces of chunk made in the peoples republic, but in the world of pharmacy where a phone is essentially an extra appendage I think someone in the industry would have figured out either a really durable cord by now or a hand set the uses a blue tooth signal with a quick charge durable battery.

Someone get DARPA, NASA, Apple, and Microsoft on a conference call so we can hash this one out.

Black and White Movies

Despite today’s advancements with movie making technology; CGI, digital recording, color, etc… I still enjoy an old black and white talkie now and again. Although sometimes the quality isn’t the greatest they still tend to hold up. Especially if we are talking about one of the Dukes (John Wayne) movies.

I’m also going to chalk it up to some really innovative people who actually had some creative talent and didn’t rehash or recycle what has already been done.

If you haven’t sit down and watch a black and white movie find one that looks interesting and do it. It must have been made prior to 1950. A current movie that was done in black and white because of the “artists vision” doesn’t count.

Back Log

Upon my return I had several things to catch up on. Email, YouTube, podcasts, writing this BLOG, updating my calendar, wedding plans, and who knows what may or may not be sitting in my mailbox at work in addition to some more nonsense I’m sure got handed down in my absence. Although most of the piles of nonsense are just going to be deleting, downloading, and sorting it’s a bit of a pain in the ass because I have to make sure I don’t get rid of something important. Such is the struggle I guess.

The question now is ,”Could I have taken care of some business from camp?”. The answer is yes, but since the best I could muster in terms of consistent data signal was 3g I passed. Burning through all that data and power on my phone was not something I was willing or really needed to do.

Keep your stick on the ice people. Tomorrow is another Monday so back the grind we all go.