The Force Is Strong With This One

So once again the fiancée has left me to my own devices again this weekend. (YEEAAAAHHHH PAAAARRRRTTYYY). No not really. Worst case scenario I hit the airsoft arena for an all day session followed by sitting at a friends house till the wee hours of the morning shooting the shit and having a couple of cold ones. I know….a real ragger.

However, instead of fighting with her not to bring me something home I relented. ONLY because she sent me a picture of the make your own light saber stand in the place she was shopping. Needless to say with zero objection from her and some help from my future brother in-law a custom light saber will be in my position in a few short days.  (Squeeee.) (Yes, I am knocking on the door of 30 and no I don’t give a shit what you think of me. It’s the Wars bro and that’s all you need to know.)

Gentlemen please take note here. If you find a woman who is willing to put up with you AND WILLINGLY BUYS YOU A CUSTOM LIGHTSABER. SPRINT your ass to nearest jewelry store and buy an engagement ring. I’m more than certain you won’t find anyone better.

No Service

The school district I work for has a fairly large footprint in terms of geographical area. Part of that area includes a fairly rural (mostly wooded) parcel. In that area exists one of the elementary schools. This area isn’t underdeveloped by any means.

Water and power lines and most recently an expansion of the municipal sewer lines and gas services. Although in terms of modernized heat sources most still rely on fuel oil or an even fewer number still on coal. Hell even the cell phone providers have been putting in towers and upgrading them over the last 15 years of so.

However, once you are within 50 yards of the school all cell service drops right off. No data (not even the old edge network), no regular cell network, no Wi-Fi. ( There is Wi-Fi at the school, but I’m not “allowed” to have that password.)

Last I check it is 2015 and I’m really confused as to why this still occurs. It’s not like we live in a developing country where electricity is either nonexistent or spotty at best. We are on the verge of sending a manned mission to mars, but there are still dead/no coverage zones in the US. I know…I know #firstworldproblems, but you know what. We shell out enough for utilities the way it is this shouldn’t happen.

Service Interruption

As of late my BLOGS have been infrequent at best. It is not like I have a legion of followers whom fawn over every word although, if more people did the world would run a lot smother, but lets stay on track here.

As I have stated in the past I am getting married in the near future so more and more of my time is required for that task alone along with trying to figure out where the hell we are going to live cause everyone loves house hunting. Let’s see the scout unit I am involved keeps and growing although not a bad thing either that takes time as well. Oh yeah, one of my jobs has made a multi-billion dollar acquisition so once all parties involved give the go ahead that’ll result more over time than I can shake a stick at. And finally, I’m fighting off a cold. It hasn’t gone full tilt yet, but its slowing me down.

Long story short here people somewhere in the near future I hope to get some more consistency in terms of dispensing my sage advise. I’ve got a couple legal pads worth of stuff waiting to be formed into some sort of semblance of a rational BLOG. Until then hang tight people or if someone could figure out how to add more hours in the day that would be great.

The Perfect Campfire

This past weekend was another successful camping trip with my Boy Scout troop. Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend of weather. I digress from my main point here, the campfire.

One of the best things about camping is tending to the fire. It provides a source of heat and light. It is normally the primary way to cook food…unless your a wussy and bring propane stoves. ( The one caveat I have to this is when preparing large amounts of food for large groups. It just more efficient.)

If you are a Scout like myself getting a campfire started is one of the best tests of ones scouting skills. There are a few ways in which to challenge ones self in getting a fire started, flint and steel, 9 volt and steel wool, but probably the classic is the two match start.  Essentially you only get two matches to start it after that your SOL. Personally, if I have to use the second match I consider it a personal failure.

In order to achieve perfect ignition you need an appropriate amount of tinder. Really small twigs, pine cones, dried bark (preferably birch), pine needles (Not a ton. The smoke produced while hamper your ability to continue.). If you bring a fire starting kit that’s great. (This kit will normally include one or more of the following; dryer lint, saw dust, pine cones, broken apart twine, cardboard, etc…)  It is also important to remember that the tinder bundle/pile needs to be arranged in a manner that will allow an adequate amount of air to flow through it. Much like us a fire needs to breath oxygen.

Once the tinder catches fire it is a bit of race against time to keep the fire going. You essentially have two methods of building up the fire in order to keep it going. Log cabin and tepee. There are other types but that requires some time to set up and build depending on the situation. I prefer the tepee build because it allows one to pile on in a way and also to shield against winds that may be causing issues.

At this stage in creating a fire you are adding kindling. Somewhat larger twigs and sticks, splintered off pieces from logs, I think everyone gets the picture. Once this wood catches fire you can relax a bit, but it doesn’t mean slack off.

At this final phase of the fire building you should be adding fuel wood. Large tree branches, split logs, broken up floor boards, whatever you have to keep the fire going.  This is where you start creating the coals you will need for cooking later in the day.

However, in my case the fire was just for heat and relaxing by. Once the fire was going it was just a matter of feeding it the occasional log or two to keep it at the optimal temperature.

Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body

In light of my recent injury I decided to pull this one out of my personal archives.

Pain is what you are experiencing when you are doing something to your body that you shouldn’t be, asking your body to perform beyond its limits, or you have experienced a trauma of some kind. Pain is the not so gentle reminder that you are still alive and should keep breathing…..still breathing.

If you are like me I experience some form of pain daily because of a past injury I have experienced. The daily discomfort I have is nothing compared to when the injury I experienced finally caused me enough pain that I couldn’t get off the floor. (Just to clarify, many moons ago I fell down a flight of stairs. It just took a while for the injury to get to the afore mentioned point.)

Hospitals have adopted the 1 through 10 pain scale along with the different smiley faces to help identify the level of pain/discomfort a person might be experiencing. Keeping the pain scale in mind my injury started with a level of 4. I then continued to walk around with said pain for an additional six months.

Compared to most people I have an exceptionally high tolerance for pain in general having had my hands burned at a younger age, a nail shot through my foot, and various other accidents/injuries. However, my body had had enough and decided that it would not tolerate me not doing anything about my injury anymore and I couldn’t get up. To be specific I could get to the standing position, but asking my body to do anything more than that was out of the question. So at that point my pain was a 9.

I have been asked why only 9? Why not 10? Well, I was still able to communicate that I was in pain. It is my belief that if I am truly at a level 10 in pain I will not be able to express that. I will either be writhing in pain and unable to speak or will have passed out from the intensity level of the pain. If you have seen the move “A Fault In Our Stars” the main female actor expresses that point quit well.

My ultimate point here again is the same as before. Don’t be an idiot. If you injure yourself seek medical help sooner rather than later or at least stop the activity you are doing. My most recent injury I was lucky and it was only muscle strain. The above injury was probably mild at the time but since I ignored it for so long it became much worse and required surgery.

Placed On The Injured Roster

Sunday morning I woke up with a slight ache in my left shoulder. As per my usual I just chalked it up to my usual list of daily aches and pains. As the day progressed I would learn this to be incorrect.

This same day I would be participating in an airsoft event at the local indoor arena. If you haven’t guessed this is where I would also injure myself.  Normally I wouldn’t give running around with an extra 35 or so pounds of gear a second thought, but since sometimes I will need to move in quick and not always all that graceful ways I eventually aggravated my issue. Normally this is where one would stop before making the injury worse.

Well you can also guess that I didn’t do that either. Yes, I am aware the I preach the use of common sense, but since I come equipped with a standard issue male ego and I didn’t want to let my team down I pressed on. As a result of  my inability to use reason I injured myself enough that I had to take a sick day. Can’t even begin  to describe how annoyed I am with that.

Long story short people. Don’t be stupid. If you hurt yourself bench yourself early on. I could have done a lot more damage than I did and taken myself out for more than the day I already have.

Mrs. Fix It

So today I had one of those what I am going to call “proud hubby moments”. My fiancée not only cleared up the low pressure situation in the downstairs shower head of her parents extra bathroom, but also installed a brand new shower head with out issue. I find this spectacular because a majority of the females I know wouldn’t know thing one about basic home repair and would most likely just call a plumber wasting time and money.

No, the future Mrs. did me proud. Took the time to trouble shoot the issue and  cleared out a busted piece of the previous shower head from what I think was two heads ago and installed the new one thus improving both water pressure and water usage.

Here is my point, I expect every adult in the house to be able to trouble shoot and fix basic things like this. Ladies you have been stepping up to the plate a lot lately, keep up the good work. For those of you who haven’t or refuse to we need to have a chat. To the gentlemen in the audience that don’t know the difference between a Flat head and Philips head screwdriver……first off figure that shit out. Second, and this is for everyone who doesn’t know what is what in basic home maintenance, take some classes. I believe Lowes and Home Depot offers them. THIS IS A ZERO EXCUSE AREA as far as I’m concerned.

“If she doesn’t find you handsome, she’ll at least find you handy.” -Red Green