Chronic Complainers

Based on how I sometimes express my opinion on this BLOG one could classify me as a chronic complainer. I will agree to that assessment to an extent, but I also know when complaining will serve no purpose and do try and expel some advice. The reason I bring up these particular people is because I had someone admit to me that they are a chronic complainer. Although it was refreshing to have someone admit they know they are a problem it doesn’t make it go away.

My biggest gripe with chronic complainers is that whatever they have to say is normally a waste of my time. The conversation may start out with said person having a valid point to make, but it is quickly waylaid by the longevity of the conversation. Much like when we are trying to communicate something to a patient we try to do so in a quick and straight to the point manner so as not to waste time. When a situation arises that warrants a  complaint we expect the same courtesy, but the chronic complainer will give every little detail and add in things the add no brevity to the situation.

Let’s not forget that it is chronic as well. Since we recently got caller ID I will not get physically ill sometimes because I now have to steel myself for an inevitable complaint and the more than likely six additional phone  calls before a satisfactory and almost identical to the original answer is achieved.


This is going to be one of those rare moments where I will get a little touchy feely. If you have a significant other, pet, or blankey you enjoy cuddling with please do so on a regular basis. There are many positive reasons to do so.

Personally I find that it does lower my blood pressure and anxiety levels. During the cold months it helps maintain warmth so you get the added benefit of a somewhat lower heat bill because you don’t have to turn the heat dial so high. Also, when its bedtime I find myself being able to maintain sleep better than usual.

That’s all I got people. We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled rants tomorrow.

Clean Up in Isle 8.

So today a “customer” had an ice tea in their hand and bumped into an end cap display when turning around thus knocking it out of their hand. Accidents happen and most employees understand that. Please inform one of the employees that something has spilled that way the mess can be quickly contained and cleaned up.

Today that did not happen. I watched the said incident happen and then this “customer” bitched and complained while heading back up the aisle to get another ice tea from the fridge section and head up front to be rung out. I’ve learned to pick my battles so I put confronting this individual out of my head.

My ultimate problem here is the safety hazard that was created. All we needed was for some other customer to walk by and slip and fall. Should that have happened we would have been held liable. Moral of the story is don’t be an asshole and let us know when you drop something.

Merging Into Traffic

After driving home today I had to endure getting stuck behind 3 different people merging into traffic in a not so timely fashion. If there is one aspect of driving where you need to have a quick and generous throttle response it is merging into moving traffic. I have no knowledge on driving accident statistics, but if there is one area that is probably most accident prone it would be where cars enter the major flow of traffic.

If you have oncoming vehicles, but enough distance that you know you can pull out into the traveling lanes, great, do so, but don’t be the guy that interrupts the speed the others have been maintaining. At the bare minimum you should be at the posted speed limit when the rest of traffic catches up to you. If not, you are at the minimum are causing traffic to slow and back up annoying the shit out of the rest of the competent drivers or most likely are going to cause an accident if we are talking about high speed traffic areas like highways and turnpikes.

Here is what I am looking for. When your next up to merge into to traffic, be ready to get it going. Be mindful of the road ahead of you, but you know you have the all clear pretend you just got the “go” from the flight deck controller and your f-16 is being pushed off the deck by the catapult and if you aren’t at the appropriate speed your going into the drink. Just to be absolutely clear I’m not saying mash the gas to the floor, but get it up to speed in a quick manner. If you aren’t capable of doing this take the bus.


One of the things that I have to laugh at is people who bitch about how inaccurate sometimes the weather forecasters are on the local news channels. Let’s get a couple of things straight.

First off despite the advancements in technology and methodology over the years it is still not an exact science. There are dozen’s of factors that can skew a weather forecast even at the last second. I realize that the average individual has most likely forgotten what they had learned from middle school Earth and Space science classes which is why this leads to the cranky comments from viewers.

The average salary for a meteorologist can be somewhere in the six figure neighborhood. Based on the schooling and work they do I would say this is a justified salary. When it comes to being one of the forecasters on TV I would definitely say this is justified because now we are asking a scientist to convert the data they have obtained into to easily understandable charts, graphs, and maps for the rest of the world to see and understand. Where I join the rest of the pissed off masses is when the weather person isn’t a meteorologist, but a TV personality.

Although this person did have to sit and take the time to learn some of the science behind it, it only accounts for some of it. There is a disconnect on a certain level because they are not going to be able to convey a message clearly because they may not understand a concept fully especially in a situation where weather conditions may make a quick change. This is definitely one those jobs where its best left to the professionals.

Reading Directions

One of the most fundamental things that we try to engrain in people from the very beginning of ones schooling, but mostly to no avail is to read directions. I will admit that occasionally I wont read directions mostly because I have done something similar in the past and I am about 50/50 with getting it right the first time. My issue comes in when people fail to read clearly posted signs that tell you what to do or where to go.

So I’ll share a brief story.

In the pharmacy I work at many moons ago the powers that be decided to make a change in work flow design. It was a change for the better. It consolidated the drop off and pick up into one location. Since the drop off was a dedicated window separated from the rest of the pharmacy the window was closed. After much hemming and hawing it was decided to leave it open during operating hours and a 3’x3′ bright red with white lettering and an arrow indicating that it was closed and to move on sign was hung. People would still walk up at first but quickly read and then moved down to the correct window.

Within a couple of months everyone was up to speed and it was no longer an issue. Now all of  a sudden there has been a resurgence of people poking their heads past the sign asking if that was the pick up/drop off window. It baffled me at first and I used my best customer service skills to tell them no its where I was standing helping other patrons, but I hit my limit the other day when someone decided they needed to whistle at me. From that point forward my response has become “What does the sign say?”. What kills me is half the time they have to move it out of the way because again its 3’x3′ and I neglected to mention that its also suspended from the ceiling to hang right at eye level.

To quote Bill Engvall “Here’s your sign.”

Pre-Cana Class

So today I got to experience the required Pre-Cana class with my Fiancée. I have to admit it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Prior to going to the class I had gained a myriad of views, thoughts, and opinions on Pre-Cana. Going into the class I did my best to not have a preformed opinion on anything and wanted to genuinely learn something.

For this I am glad. I did indeed learn something about myself, my future wife, and us as a couple. To quickly sum that up and this is just my opinion we are on the right track, probably better off than most couples, but still have some things we are going to need to get better at.

I’m also gonna throw the church some props. Religion and spirituality was incorporated, but we weren’t beaten over the head with it either. I also found the information and opinions shared to be minimally biased and helpful. The catholic church has modernized some of its opinions coming closer to current cultural beliefs, but it still lacks in certain areas by either side stepping or not mentioning something.

To be quit honest my only real complaint was the chairs. As the day wore on their comfort level was minimized, but I have a feeling this was by design to keep us awake. All in all it was a positive experience.

Your Signature

I’m not really sure the average individual understands just how important ones signature is. By affixing it to anything you are marking your own personal mark that you agree to terms and conditions, accept the work, agree to pay, etc… There are a multitude of legal reasons to sign a document.

What bothers me is the nonchalant attitude people take with signing something. Although efforts have been made to reduce the amount of captured signatures I still a fair bit of them come through the pharmacy.

Let’s start with the obvious doctors signature. Most prescribers have switched to an e-scribe system of some kind, but due to legal requirements on certain medications a wet ink signature is still required and some doctors choosing to still be old school. Both of which I deal with, but if it looks like you took a seizure while signing is where the issue comes in. I shouldn’t have to put on my cryptographer hat to figure out a signature. Heaven help me if the whole script is written out in the same manner because most likely I’m going to end up on the phone and have the nurse apologizing to me.

I would say that I have a bigger beef with patients just willy nilly signing during pick up. I can appreciate the fact that you may be in a hurry, but let’s make sure that your signature actually looks like a signature. A series of loops or a simple squiggly line does not constitute. It just goes to show how lazy a person is and I have to question if they do other tasks and nonsensically as their signature.

To put a fine point on this I will point out that the U.S. Secretary of Treasury has one of the most important signatures. In case you haven’t examined a bill of any denomination ever all U.S. bills have a copy of the treasurers signature. A handwriting expert works with the secretary to make sure their signature is clear and legible. Why you may ask? BECAUSE THE SIGNATURE IS WHAT MAKES THE BILLS LEGAL U.S. TENDER.


One of the biggest hurdles I run into on a daily basis is trying to communicate with other people. Sometimes its a language barrier, but I have learned to overcome that via several apps I have downloaded onto my smart phone, but also by learning some basic phrases in languages prevalent to my area. Although I have some skill with sign language I find it quick with pen and paper when communicating with the hearing impaired.

Another communication issue I run into is talking with those who don’t work or participate in the same industries and activities that I am part of. It can be quit frustrating sometimes trying to explain some of the more intricate parts of my job or activity, but a willing person normally allows it to be turned into a teaching experience.

My biggest gripe with communicate with people is when it breaks down. Especially when I start something need someone else to pick up the ball and run with it and then pass it back to me. Sometimes it can’t be helped because what need to be explained is too complex if its not face to face. However, when something is just blatantly ignored or there is zero information shared as to what was done so far I go a little crazy. I hate doing guess work. It normally leads to colossal fuck ups. What I require is something expressed to me as to what has transpired even if it’s “call or text me for an explanation”.

Holiday Decorations

While taking my daily constitutional (walk) I noticed that a few people still had Christmas decorations still adorning their houses. I’ve also noticed in the past people leave Halloween decorations up a little too long, but whatever. I understand that some people will leave Christmas decorations up until almost the end of January to celebrate “Russian” or Orthodox Christmas. This is all fine and dandy, but there is a limit.

We are past St. Patrick’s and heading towards spring solstice. All decorations should be removed no later than 2 weeks after celebrating the final day of the holiday. That’s 14 days there and it includes 2 separate weekends to work on it. After that point your house just looks ridiculous because everyone else got with the program.

Please don’t tell me it’s because the weather is bad. Dress yourself weather appropriate and get on it. I also don’t give exception to the elderly either.

My grandfather put  up and then took down his own decorations. And when he couldn’t do it all himself anymore he scheduled time with myself, my sister, my mother, my uncle, or one of my cousins. If a family member isn’t an option find a trustworthy neighborhood youth and offer up 20 bucks and some lunch for a few hours worth of work.