Clothes Shopping.

I can surmise my thoughts on clothes shopping in a singe word. I loathe it. Not hate, but loathe. It is such a giant pain in the ass. If I could just purchase everything online and have it shipped I would, but alas that is not an option for me.

I am a big dude and am always working on keeping my weight under control. As a result of this I don’t always stay in a normal size range. I float somewhere between husky and just into the big and tall sections. That withstanding I always manage to find clothes that will last me quit some time. My big grip is shopping for button down shirts.

I hate wasting time having to try clothes on, but button down shirts are an even bigger pain in the ass. I don’t understand that need to have the shirt fully buttoned. Two buttons are all that need to be used to hold a shirt together for display. Anything else is a waste of time. Someone get my congress on the blower I’m sure I could get some regulation passed cause everyone knows we have enough on the books already.

The Baltimore Situation

Once again common sense has been thrown out the window. Do I agree with how the police handled the transportation of Freddie Gray? No, however the response by some of the public is not appropriate. An incident review hasn’t even been completed and the outcry has already begun.

I will always support a persons right to peaceably protest, but what is currently happening beyond the normal protests is inexcusable. The property damage and senseless violence is inexcusable. I again plead for a an immediate cease to all violent actions. Protest as you should, but violence will solve nothing.

I don’t even know what to say anymore.

Music Therapy

In the past few years my time available and my general desire to listen to music has greatly decreased. However, when the mood strikes me I will pump up the volume. I probably have one of the most eclectic collections of music. I challenge anyone to go through my collection and be able to not find at least one song that they would enjoy.

To bring it back around to my point I encourage everyone to take a little “me time” and listen to some tunes. It always improves or maintains my mood and I find this to be similar among my friends as well. I also encourage you to sing a long, lip-song, dance to, and air play the instrument of your choice. Anyone who tells you otherwise can take a long walk off a short pier. I’m not here to judge however, I will post the shit out of it to YouTube.

Green Skittles

So after another day of kicking ass and taking names I decided to reward myself with a handful of skittles after dinner. Ever since the decision was made to change the green colored skittle from lime to green apple I find myself eating less and less skittles. The flavor combination just doesn’t do it for me.

Eating less candy isn’t a bad things, but when I am throwing out a half or more of a bag of skittles because of how disinterested I am with them I have a hard time justifying buying them to start. Most people I talk to have no desire for the current green skittles either.

Someone get me Wrigley on the blower. I want to meet the market research team and review their data. They either calculated wrong or someone put a fat stack of cash on the table for them to change their standard flavors.

When your right your right……well maybe……alright most likely not.

Gentlemen if you have a female significant other accept the fact that you will be wrong…….a lot…….most likely all of the time. Let me break it down for you.

When your right your still wrong. When your wrong you indeed are wrong. When she is right you sure as shit are wrong. And finally, you could have a team of NASA scientists and the boys and girls over at CERN proving her to be wrong and you right you are still wrong.

Remember happy wife, happy life.

Seriously though. Unless it is going to put someone’s life in danger or turn out to be a horrific financial decision is it really worth the fight?

A Shoe Obsession

Ladies grab a knee. Most of ya’ll have an obsession with footwear. Sometimes its just a crazy desire to have every color flip flop under the sun other times its to have something to match every outfit you own. I understand your points of view to a point, but when there needs to be a special closet just for your shoes or when one whole bag for vacation is nothing, but footwear you have a problem.

Luckily for me my fiancée has her shoe obsession  reined in. Where as some other females I know need some help. I won’t name names, but you know who you are.

To finish I will dispense some sagely advice. One of things you should invest some money in when purchasing is any kind of footwear. They are going to be protecting your feet and provding some support to help with proper walking and standing. Everyone should own the following at the minium:

A. Boots

B. Sneakers (2 Pairs)

C. Slippers

D. Dress Shoes ( 2 pairs: one black & one brown)

E. Sandals

F. Flip Flops

Please note that this is what I personally believe every person should own at the bare minimum to keep their feet protected and allow for easy walking in most situations. Obviously the list could be augmented based on job choice and the area that you live in.

Pharmacy Emergencies

In a retail pharmacy there are no real emergencies in terms of patient prescriptions. We do try our best to fill your prescription(s) as quickly and safely as possible. We are always going to err on the side of safety over speed because what we do effects your health.

The corporate powers that be would like us to have a turn around time of 15 minutes on three or less prescriptions. The clock starts from initial scan entry and ends at pharmacist verification. It is achievable, but a lot of factors have to line up all at once. Lately, though, patients have been not accepting of that 15 minute time window. I know part of it is a lack of understanding, but God damn people I’m sure you wouldn’t want a surgeon rushing through a heart valve replacement. The pharmacy is in the same boat considering we are giving you something that you will most likely ingest in order to become more healthy or maintain your health.

There has been a time or two in the past where I had to remind people this wasn’t (insert fast food restaurant here). I haven’t reached that point yet and that’s because I haven’t heard the “can’t you just throw the pills in a bottle and slap a label on it yet”. I’m normally good for one of these per quarter.

I will acknowledge we get prescriptions from emergency rooms, but again it does not constitute an emergency situation. The ER docs and nurses have stabilized, diagnosed, and treated you to the point where you can leave the ER. I can sympathize the want to quickly fill the prescription and get home to rest, but don’t think for one second acting likes its life or death if we don’t fill the med quickly is ok. I have and will ask you if you need me to call for medical help if your behavior is as such.

If you as the patient are experiencing a true medical emergency we should be the last place you turn to for help. They have these things called hospitals with an entire department dedicated to such care. It’s called the emergency room for a reason. There are also these things called ambulances that will transport you there. I will also point out that for something that may not be life threatening, but can’t wait to see you regular doctor there are urgent care centers popping up all over the place.


Currently there is a thunderstorm passing through the are I live in. Despite it potential for destruction I probably enjoy them more than most people. Especially the calm that temporarily settles in the are after it passes. Many a time I have mediated to the sound of the rain and rolling thunder. The lightning is also an awesome sight to behold as well.

Despite what some “nancies” may say there is an overall calming effect to be had from storms.

Normally the biggest worry when a storm occurs is my power going out. When this occurs I light a couple of candles. Grab a flashlight just in case and read a book by candle light, meditate, or if I happen to be lucky enough to have the fiancée around just snuggle on the couch and listen to the storm.

However, it should be remembered that the storm carries the power of nature and can be very destructive. Don’t travel in the storm unless absolutely necessary and if you are caught outside seek shelter or a low lying area immediately.

I’m pickin’ up good vibrations

Was feeling some Beach Boys inspiration today. After five days of essentially working doubles I decided to pull the plug on a sixth extended and only worked second shift. So the added sleep was just the start of my positive day.

Upon arriving at the pharmacy I would in a short amount of time find out that I would be getting a “merit based raise”. More money is always a boon in my book and it also quelled some of the anxiety I had over pending changes in the company. Basically it put me at ease that the scope of my position won’t be changing for at least a year.

Finally after much debate and conjecture the flower girl situation was resolved for my wedding. It is more than a year away, but was a point of contention for a bit. \

My point in sharing my useless daily information today is that there is positive to be had every day. Sometimes you have to look for it. Today just happened to be chock full of it for me.

Keeping the Throttle Pinned

By my personal definition the week starts on a Sunday. Since Sunday between my two jobs and other life obligations I have kept my throttle pinned to floor. Basically what I have done is forgone an adequate amount of sleep to accomplish everything I needed to in a day.

Sunday: Mid-shift

Monday: Double

Tuesday: Double

Wednesday: Regular shift

Thursday: Shift & ½

Friday: Shift & ½

Saturday: Off

So based on the regularly scheduled job and a need for extra help from another you can see I’ve dam near lost my mind working. Now add in the other adult things I have to do on a daily basis and you’ll be wondering why I haven’t been committed a homicide or at least been committed.

At the minimum I have a 55 hour work week so I have endurance built up, but half way through the Wednesday I started feeling it. Today I’m struggling which is why I’m working on getting tomorrow changed so I don’t crash and burn.

As the old saying goes, “you have to make hey while the sun is shining”. However, not at the risk of burning down the hay barn either. Even high performance sports cars have to ease off the throttle for a little bit.

On a happy note the latest Star Wars trailer is out!