Space Saver Tires

One innovation I will never understand is the space saver spare tire. I get that the point of it is to allow for the vehicle to have a spare tire while still giving it an adequate amount of trunk space/ not require a large extra storage space be built into a vehicle. That’s about the extent of my understanding on it.

Other than allowing you to essentially limp your vehicle to a service station to obtain a new full size tire or repair your original tire, the space saver is essentially useless. There are drastic safety limitations on space savers. Last I remember is that the tire is only good for a couple of hundred miles or so and when driving on it you cannot exceed 35 mph. If the space saver is being used on a major highway you are now a huge safety concern. You’re either going too slowly for the flow of traffic or a possible accident waiting to happen because the high speeds could cause the tire to break off. Also, if the weather is bad (snow or rain) forget maintaining proper traction.

At the end of the day I would like to see two things happen. First space savers just need to go away. The car companies can figure out how to redesign the storage bays so they always accommodate a full size tire. If not you’ll just have to figure how to transport the extra beer cooler to the game another way. Secondly, I want cops issuing safety violation tickets for having a space saver mounted just like they do for having a head/tail light out. It’s a safety thing people. All too often I see people driving cars with more than one space saver tire or a space saver that is clearly bald. Fix the problem within 3 business days and the ticket goes away.

Better yet get me Tony Stark on the blower. We’ll get that hover car hammered out in a weekend and in production by the end of the month.

Bad Water

Alright so I am fairly certain that everyone is aware of the water situation in Flint Michigan. City government looked for a way to save some money. You know do the responsible fiscal thing, but form everything I have read or watched did exactly ZERO research on the source they would be taking the water from. Now the residents of Flint have what amounts to poison coming into their homes.

So naturally the people have spoken and said they won’t be paying their water bill until they get clean water. That makes sense to me. Why pay for a service if it isn’t going to be what it should? The next part really dumb founds me here.

Instead of being understanding, representatives from the government have threatened families that if they didn’t pay their bill and it amounts to where the water would be shut off they would have child protective services take their children. Now I get that it is the law on the books, but it was intended to protect children from neglectful parents not idiotic bureaucrats. (Please pardon my expletives.)

To every single Flint Michigan government official. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. You assholes fucked up the water source in an attempt to save money. You have literally forced these families to decide what’s worse. Poison my family or loose my family. The only people who are guilty of neglect is the government officials that jacked up the water. If there was ever a justified reason to riot this is it, right here. God damn people.

Whomever made this decision should be publically canned. Actually you know what, no, that would be too nice. They should be forced to use only the water and have to drink 4 8 ounce glasses of it daily until the water issue is corrected.

Supreme Court Justice Judge Judy

So I just learned that though some study done recently that 10% of college students think that Judge Judy is a Supreme Court Justice. If this isn’t an indicator that the U.S. education system is in dire need of an overhaul then I don’t know what is. It should also make blaringly clear that daytime reality TV is bad for you. Based on these facts along I think we need to have a purge like event once a decade.

Just in case your not aware here are the U.S. Supreme Court Justice’s;   Antonin Scalia, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Samuel Alito……those are the ones I could remember off the top of my head. The rest are as follows Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy, Stephen Breyer, and Elena Kagan. This is US civics 101 people and I’m fairly certain part of the US citizenship test.


Cold Weather Delay’s

So in my neck of the woods we are finally starting to get the much colder weather. With that comes the negative wind chill factor. With that also brings the inevitable school delays. This confuses this shit out of me.

For starters, when I was a kid negative wind chill factors would never result in a delay. In fact I am confident that it never crossed an administrators mind. Minimum of 2 inches of snow had to be on the ground to even consider the delay. Countless times I can remember standing at the bus stop with my friends freezing our asses off.

Other parts of the country and other nations must laugh at us when they hear about these delays. Now, before anyone gets on their high horse and starts touting the safety and well being of the children are paramount please just shut up. We have been surviving on this planet just fine for hundreds of years in all sorts of environmental conditions. A few minutes of cold  temperatures at the bus stop isn’t going to harm them. If it does it’s because you as a parental unit failed to prepare and educate them on proper cold weather attire.

Let me zero in here. The delays are unnecessary and a waste of time. This might be the beginnings of me acting like the cranky old man, but the youth need to toughen up a bit.

Standard Operating Procedures: Shoveling Snow

A lot of the tasks that I do throughout the day whether teaching or in the pharmacy have some sort of standard operating procedure (SOP). The same could be said for a lot of my daily tasks as well. Since winter has final showed up and brought some snow as well shoveling said snow becomes a somewhat routine task.

For the first time in what has been a great while I grabbed the shovel and started removing the snow from sidewalks. I started with the two front steps and the short walkway to the main sidewalk as I always do and then completely blanked out on what I was going to do next. Now I’m sure everyone is thinking, “What’s the big deal just shovel the damn snow”.

Believe it or not there is right and a wrong way to shovel the snow. It’s not how I remove it from the sidewalks, but more so where I pile it. I have to account for two things. First and foremost, more snow. You can only pile it so high before it becomes unruly and won’t pile correctly. Secondly, the city plows. They are making quick runs and the snow is being thrown everywhere. The smaller the piles near the curb the less I have to re-clean from the sidewalks as the will eventually push more onto the tree lawns.

Dangerous Selfies

So I learned today that Mumbai has enacted no-selfie zones. I put my beverage down and investigated a little. It is at this point that I learned that people are getting hurt and/or dying in certain areas that this policy was put into effect. I also learned about instances in other countries where people died while taking a selfie.

Couple of things come to mind at this point. First, don’t pass laws enacting no-selfie zones. Law enforcement has a lot to worry about to begin with enforcing that shouldn’t be one of them. We’re also messing with Darwin’s theory again. Stop it.

Second, situational awareness. Everyone needs to have it and most people have no idea what I am talking about. If you are going to stop and take a picture whether it be a selfie or scenery picture make sure there isn’t something or someone nearby than can cause harm to you. One of the examples was of a person who stopped to take a selfie during the running of the bulls. Really dude?

Driving In The Snow

We’ll after much delay some snow has finally returned to my corner of the world. With the return of the snow we also have the hundreds of drivers who forget how to drive safely in the snow. I am sure I have stood up here on my soap box and pontificated about it in the past, but here are the highlights again.

The most important thing to do is STAY in your lane and maintain a safe speed. You may not be able to maintain the speed limit depending on wind, visibility, and slick road conditions and it is acceptable to go below the speed limit. However, it is not acceptable to be at an almost negligible speed and still traveling. I don’t care if you have your hazard lights on you are now officially a road hazard.

At the same time don’t speed either. The only thing you are going to hurry up to is getting in an accident.

It’s common sense people. Don’t be on the road unless you have to and if you are drive safely.

Anger Leads to Hate, Hate Leads to Fear, Fear Leads to The Dark Side

Normally I am not quick to anger, but occasionally the combination of minimalized sleep and a series of things gone wrong cuts the fuse significantly short. It is when that happens that anger will win out over my other emotions I remove myself from social settings. When truly angered calm rational thought isn’t going to happen.

Contrary to a majority of my BLOG’s I have learned to not let a lot anger. Just not worth the mental and physical stress it causes. Being annoyed though…that’s a whole other thing.

Another thing I have learned is that when I do become angry is to embrace the negative energy and refocus it somewhere else. Normally I translate it into a furried workout session or energy to get a bunch of chores done in a timely manner. I force myself to do something positive. Also, if need be in an emergency situation I can tap into any lingering anger for an extra bump in energy/strength/speed. To date I have only had to do that once but it’s good to know I am capable of that focus if need be.

The moral of the story here is that everyone has an internal demon. The way I see it you have a few choices. Let it run rampant and not master your emotions. Keep it caged up…until you can’t anymore. Learn to embrace it an focus it for good.

Optimal Operating Temperature

Finally the cold weather has arrived with a vengeance. It is at this point that I am confident that most people have forgotten some basic things to do when venturing out into the cold. One of the first things that popped into my head other than pulling out more of my cold weather clothing was proper start up procedure for my truck.

Most people have no clue that you vehicle has an optimal running temperature for the engine. I don’t care what the mechanic told you, I don’t care what the dealership told you, and I don’t care what you found out about your cars engine oil from your research. You cannot just start you vehicles engine and start driving in cold weather. It is a sure fired way to cause damage.

Every vehicle is equipped with a temperature read out. If you don’t know how to read it break out the manual and start reading. At the minimum the temperature gauge should have some sort of reading on it before you even think about putting your vehicle in drive and going. Preferably you let the engine running long enough so that it is near normal running temperatures.

The reason I implore this is that despite the manufactures claim of the oil will stick to the engines critical parts it’s still needs to be at a specific temperature in order for it to function at its correct viscosity. Otherwise you might as well pour duck soup into the engine.

Before anyone bitches about how they don’t want to run outside in the cold to start their engine just shut your mouth now. They make remote starters for most makes and models and they run as cheap as $100. Bust out that credit card and get on it.

I Suggest Patience

As we start the new year everyone resets with their insurance or starts anew with insurance because of a carrier change or are just getting it for the first time. Either way, things are going to take some time.

Let me start by clarifying that just because we work in the health care industry does not mean we should and/or do know everything about insurances. Our knowledge is normally limited to the field of practice we are in. Please also realize that unless it is major change that your insurance has enacted and even then it will be limited we are not privied to everything they do and change.

Most places are equipped with tools to help cut through the bullshit, but we still have to sift through some white noise occasionally.

A lot extra time wherever you are going to be using your insurance for the first time. Rushing us will not result in positive experience. You are most likely patient # 3,142 of the day with an issue that we are trying to resolve in an expedient manner.

As always yelling will accomplish a whole fuck ton of nothing. In fact if you make the mistake of yelling at me it will only result in all work coming to a grinding hault until you come back to reality and speak to us as a rational adult.