Throwing Out The Rules

Occasionally when I am partnered with my stores staff pharmacist we get into some interesting conversations. It normally ends with one of us going ” never really thought of it that way”. We’ve been working together for over a decade so our conversations either end up in the realm of philosophical, bizarre, or life lessons. Today’s conversation ended up in the life lessons category.

Among the litany of things parents teach their children don’t talk to or take candy from strangers being near the top I would think. We are also taught not to eat a ton of candy, go into strange places, or go running amuck like the hooligans we are through the neighborhood especially at night.

Yet, when Halloween comes around the youth of America dawns their various costumes and these rules go right out the window for the night. Not that anything truly bad happens on Halloween night. There are always parents roaming the neighborhoods watching their own children and the rest of the neighborhoods youngins as well. Everyone also knows enough to stay from crazy old man Jenkins’s house.

I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade here just one of those things that made me go, “oh yeah”.

Choosing A Candidate

As the U.S. general election is right around the corner I would like everyone to keep something in mind. By what measuring stick do you judge the worthiness of the candidate(s) you are going to vote for? I am not narrowing the scope to any one particular race or political party here. (If you know me well enough you already know what my political choices are.)

What I am looking for here is more people to have a well informed opinion and get out there and voting. However, when choosing a candidate I would like people to have some sort of moral and ethical gage in which they are picking by other than I identify with this person because….

When I am trying to size up candidates to decide whom I will cast my ballot for I review the scout law and see how many of the of 12 points they match up to. To put a finer point on this the first law is trustworthy. If you as a candidate can’t pass muster on that one I don’t bother wasting my time with further research, and honestly, this goes for anyone I have to interact with.


Jury Duty

A few moon cycles ago I received notice that I had been selected for jury duty. I thought for a minute of ways to get out of it, but then immediately thought better of myself and decided I was better to get through the process than delay it. I know a lot of people equate it to going before a firing squad, but at the end of the day it is still a civic responsibility and as the introductory judge explained to us not all peoples of the world have access to a criminal justice system like ours. (I am acutely aware of the flaws that do exist in the US justice system, but in comparison to other nations, including other first world nations similar to ours,  its significantly better.)

After two days of essentially sitting in the candidate holding tank (see room) and almost loosing my mind they finally selected the candidate pool I was in to come into the courtroom for Jury selection. After a few minutes of instruction from the judge a review of questions previously answered and a few more specific questions we were quickly ushered back out so individuals could be brought back in for private questioning.

Needless to say even though I was positioned among the first few people in the pool I was quickly dismissed and thus ended my Jury Duty. I was both disappointed and relieved at the same time. Back to the grind tomorrow.

Can I Get A Plain Pie?

I am always willing to try new things. Can’t remember the last time I said no to tasting something new. However, can we stop messing around with pizza. I am pretty sure I have broken down in the past what is ok in terms of pizza toppings, but we are into the realm of ridiculousness now.

There are several different types of specialty pizzas that I am down with. There are also a few that I have asked, “what the hell were you thinking?” What has become a bridge to far for me now is all the stuff crust options.

The first one through the hedge rows was the cheese stuffed crust pizza options. I was ok with that until we had 3 dozen different dipping sauce choices and it ceased to be an additive to the pizza crust. At some point in time they became pull apart cheesy garlic knots and now my pizza slice no longer actually has that crust edge to function as handle.

What I won’t accept is whoever thought putting a hot dog in the crust was an awesome idea. I’m sure it tastes good, but I don’t need a meal to go along with the one I’m already eating. This concept alone I’m pretty sure is one of the reasons that terrorists hate us.

Let me simplify this for everyone. It’s like beer. Don’t fuck with what we know what works. There wasn’t a demand for it before. Fairly certain there isn’t one now.

The Wife Section

So among my many new experiences of being a freshly minted husband is I can now shop in the wife section of the card store. Not that there was armed guards checking for my marriage certificate prior to that, but purchasing a “for my wife” card for my then girl friend/fiancée would have been a little weird.

Now it’s like oh shit, there’s entire extra section I now have to choose from. Made picking out a birthday card slightly easier. One of the small perks of being married.

None the less, Happy Birthday Dear.