Hazard Pay?

So as not to overload with my thoughts on airsoft Ill try and break it up with some of rants about other things. Although I don’t normally suffer from seasonal allergies I do have a medication allergy and need to be careful about antibiotics on the rare occasion that I would need one. If I take Amoxicillin or one of its several cousins I develop hives, begin to itch, and normally within a few minutes if I don’t receive a dose of Benadryl or an epinephrine injection my airways close up and I will most likely suffocate.

I bring this up because the number one liquid antibiotic that flies off our shelves is Amoxicillin. I can fill any form of this and not have a second though about it because its sealed in a bottle. The problem comes at pick up when the water must be added to the powder before handing it off to the patient.

Yes I could pass the mixing task off to someone else, but in the retail pharmacy universe that isn’t always an option. I’ve been able to hold my breath in excess of a minute so the 30 seconds it takes me to pierce the seal add the water and recap to mix is no big deal, but it gets a little complicated with multiple bottles.

I guess what I am trying to say is could I get some hazard pay?

Airsoft: Safety

In  the sport of airsoft safety is paramount. We are slinging 6mm plastic pellets at each other at a high rate of speed using mock weaponry. Common sense is a key factor, but because I take nothing for granted I’m going to spell it out.

At the bare minimum there are 2 pieces of gear that every player must have.

1. Full seal goggles.

2. Boots

Just in case you missed it the first time around I’ll say it again……WE ARE SLINGING 6MM PLASTIS BB’S AT EACH OTHER. YOU WILL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT. There is not a field on the face of the planet that will let you step foot on it without eye protection and just about everyone has the full seal mandate. Your goggles will also need to meet the ANSI Z87.1 impact standards. Google it for further information I’m not doing everything for you like your mother does.

The reason they need to be full seal is to maximize protection to your eyes. When the plastic is a flyin’ these things tend to get everywhere. You’ll find out when you take your gear off at the end of the day and clean things and wonder how in the hell a BB got in there.

The second most important safety item you’ll need to have is a sturdy pair of boots. Indoor or outdoor areas doesn’t matter to me. WEAR BOOTS. They’ll take the beating you most certainly will issue them and spare your feet and ankles a lot of potential injury. I get that your sneakers are comfortable, but tough shit cupcake. You want a boot with excellent ankle support. One of the most painful experiences you will ever endure is rolling an ankle.  The day trekking/hiking low top boots are not going to cut it. Find something that comes probably about half way up on your shin with laces about as far thus maximizing your ankle support.

Now that the must haves are covered lets talk about some additional safety things I can suggest as well. In addition to the full seal goggles I suggest looking into a full face mask. There are lots of integrated units on the market or you could cobble together whatever you like. I happen to like my teeth and my fiancée would kill me if I did any permanent damage to my face while airsofting so a full face cage isn’t optional for me. Most indoor places have this as mandatory anyway so just get use to it now.

Don’t wear short sleeve/pant anything. Getting hit with a BB does hurt less than getting hit with  a paintball round, but it still hurts none the less. Provide some minimum protection for your skin to minimize the impact welt. Besides if you are running through the woods pants would help protect against poisonous plants and long sleeved tops help prevent a tick issue.

There are many more safety tips I could throw out there, but I think my point has been made. One thing to remember though is to check the rules and regulations of the field you will be playing at. There is nothing worse than being ejected from a match for not following safety guidelines. They are there to help protect everyone and to help maximize fun.


One of my hobbies that I enjoy is Airsoft aka BB Warz. It has something I have participated in since I was about 16. I could go on about how awesome it, but I think I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. This is mostly some sage advice for newbies looking to get into the sport.

There are 3 things to consider when picking out your equipment “kit”.

1. Safety

2. Comfort

3. Performance

In that order. I’ll break each one down in my next couple of posts. I’m not expecting everyone to be on the same page as me here, but I have found following these guidelines has worked best for me.

North Korea

I’m not up to date on the geo/political status the North Korea has with other parts of the world, but as far as I can tell they have no love for America. That’s fine by me so my question is why fuck with us? I know that we have mostly cut the them off in terms of trade and aid, but last I checked that’s also as a result of sanctions from the UN so just about every other major power has told them NO.

Whenever they rattle their saber it’s like a little Chihuahua barking at a St. Bernard. Honestly it is beyond why at any point we would let North Korea dictate anything that goes on in this country. I realize the recent cyber attack scared the shit out of Sony, but they buckled way to easy. We should have immediately retaliated. I’m not sure what we could have hacked that would have been of value, but maybe shut down their YouTube for an hour so Kim Jong Un and company can’t watch himself do gangman style.

This is probably one of my more ill formed rants, but a lack of decent sleep and an inability to comprehend why some clandestine cyber didn;t just reach out and give North Korea’s cyber infrastructure “The People’s Elbow” is beyond me.

C&E Catholics

If your not familiar with the term I am talking about Christmas and Easter Catholics and honestly some people only come around for the C. If this is the extent as to which you are willing to participate in the religion that’s fine, but when you show up to mass make sure you are able to stay for the whole service or don’t bother coming at all.

I am not going to explain the entirety of how a normal mass goes, but will fast forward to the last 10 minutes or so. After communion is given (the holy wafer aka snack time aka host body, etc…), anything remaining is returned to the tabernacle, a minute or two of silent reflection, a closing blessing, and maybe some closing remarks from the padre. This honestly doesn’t take all that long. Sometimes when the house is packed much like tonight was the distribution of the communion will take some time, but most churches have done the math and put some extra Eucharistic Ministers on the floor to help.

To the people who are choosing to leave right after they receive communion. At best you are being mildly distracting because we have to hear the doors of the church opening and closing, but it is more than that. YOU ARE BEING RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL. There is a beginning and end of the mass that is clearly defined. A few more minutes of your time is not going to be the end of the world. I’m sorry to be that guy, but even though I am not as dedicated a Catholic as some members of my family would like me to be I make sure that I stay for the whole mass start to finish.


Psychics are a bunch of bullshit. I could end the post right there, but why would I deny you goodly folks my thoughts on these charlatans. Frauds are exactly what psychics are. Psychics pray on the weak minded. It has been proven time and again how easy it to do what they do. If you believe what they say for more than a heart beats worth of time then please check yourself into the nearest psychiatric center for a full evaluation.



Sorry guys I could only find parts 1 & 3, but I think Penn and Teller get the point across.

I would seriously rather see someone light a pile of money on fire than hand it over to one of these idiots. The light and heat generated by the fire is of greater value than the nonsense these people claim to know. Yet on a daily basis, people willingly hand some of their money to psychics, sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars, just to learn to some vague nonsense about the future or “communicate” with a loved one that has passed. If you are willing to pay for that then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that you’ll want to buy as well.

Event Planners

Currently I am going through the process of planning a wedding with my fiancée. As a result of this we have to interact with the venues event planners. I liken these people to used car dealers. Yes, they are there to “help” guide us through the planning and prepping process, but their primary function is to get us to spend as much money as possible at their venue. Since I am most likely going to be spending top dollar I expect top dollar service even if I haven’t handed over any cash yet.

Today we were checking out a venue and showed up a few minutes early. Well we ended up sitting and waiting for close to 20 minutes because the venue coordinator was not on premises for whatever reason. Finally after letting the front desk person know that I would only wait a few more minutes and uttered the phrase “time is money” did they swing into action and find someone to take care of us. Almost immediately upon the backup person start helping us did the event coordinator emerge to speak with us.

I didn’t question anything at the point so as not to sour the rest of the appointment, but how is this ok? What would happen if I was 15 minutes late? If I am 15 minutes late to a scheduled meeting with parents or an administrator I better walk in bleeding and looking like I just fought off a grizzly bear. If I take 15 extra minutes to do anything for a patient when at the pharmacy you bet there is going to be hell to pay.

This all harkens back to my thoughts the other day on to be an awesome worker. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like professional standards are just being flaunted anymore.

Do A Good Turn Daily

“Do A Good Turn Daily”, is the Boy Scouts of America’s slogan. It is one of the very first things a young scout will learn and hopefully exemplify in his daily life. I know the old cliché is helping and elderly person across the street, but it is so much more than that.

It’s doing something without expectation of reward. The work itself, a job well done, or knowing that some good has been done is normally reward enough to begin with. That way when someone recognizes that you have done an exceptional job at what may have been a really simplistic task and rewards you with something it makes it all the more awesome.

I try to live my life as close to Scouting Ideals as possible and one of the best ways is by following the slogan. You would be surprised at how much better of a day you have when making someone else’s better as well.


Ladies and Gents,

You are allowed to have emotions. Its part of being human. Anyone who says other wise is an idiot and was probably denied desert as a child. Happy, sad, excited, angry, what have you. If you want to  be a cackling buffoon like the Joker is 24/7 then go for it. Let your freak flag fly.

What you don’t want to do is bottle everything up inside to the point where it can no longer be contained and everything explodes all at once. It’s not healthy and it can normally lead to an embarrassing situation once the lid does pop off. I promise feeling something won’t hurt you.

People sometimes don’t display the correct emotion, well what would normally be deemed correct, for a given situation and its most likely because it’s not a situation they are used to dealing with. Give them a few beats to get it together and I’m sure everyone will be on the same page.  Relax people.


In my opinion there is a severe lack of it going on in just about every professional field. I am both an educator and work in the medical world and it just blows my mind as to what goes on.

It saddens me when I watch one pier squabble with another over what normally turns out to be some bullshit reason. On more than one occasion I have pulled someone aside and informed them they need to act like an adult.

I do agree with the a statement said to me years ago, “Always look out for number 1”. I take that to mean always do your best, not screw the other guy. Here’s what I think everyone needs to do at their chosen profession.

1. Show up 5 minutes early.

Its amazing how much of a chore just showing up at all is for some people let alone on time. The reason I say 5 minutes early is so that you can get in and get settled to start the day and maybe something important can be relayed to you so you can dive right into a task and not stumble off the starting block.

2. Give 110%.

Again it surprises me at just how difficult some people find it just to do their job description. The way I see it is if you walk and always bring your “A” game you will quickly master your job and find yourself with time to do or help with other tasks. You may not think it, but trust me your supervisor does notice. I also understand that operating 100% all the time is unrealistic because even the best high performance cars can’t keep the throttle pinned all the time. What I’m saying is to always strive for a little better than what you are currently doing.

3. Learn to play well with others.

Unless you are the soul proprietor and operator of your business you are going to have to work with other people. Even then you still have suppliers and buyers of your product. In any work environment you will have to interact with other human beings at some point. Being a well greased cog in the big machine you are part always helps especially when there are a lot of moving pieces.

I could probably write a book on how to act in a workplace. Well maybe not a book, but at least a chapter of a self help book, but I think these three points are a good starting point.

All of my blogs are normally inspired by something that happened to me in the last 24 hours and today was no exception to that. After conversing with one of the interns I have located the primary source of the problem. It is the new generation of graduates. Part of the problem is the schools failing to properly prepare students for what will be expected of them and some of the realities of their job choice and the other is parental influence. The further away we get from the generations that grew up during WWII or were directly influenced by them the shitier the work ethic. I may painting with a broad stroke there, but I am at the minimum painting inside the lines.