Call Boxes

So this one hit me like lightning while I was waiting for my daughter to fall asleep. In the past 3 months there have been at least a dozen or so cellular communication outages in my part of the US. During such outages local news sources would warn people that in the case of emergencies to use a land line or head to the nearest fire/police department for help.

Here’s the rub. If your like my family we have decided to dispense with having a landline in the house. I know,this does pose certain risks, but I have taken steps to ensure that we have access to other means of communication in the event that shit does hit the fan. From my observations more and more people are opting not to have landlines either. I have to wonder how long before someone in federal emergency management decides this is actually a problem.

Let’s┬áspeculate for a moment that one of the cell phone outages happens for a prolonged amount of time. People aren’t going to be running to the local police/fire stations for help constantly. Wildly ineffective in just the time consuming part alone, can’t mandate everyone have a landline, and then it hit me. There was a point in time where there were call boxes spread throughout neighborhoods.

I can actually remember some of them still being operational as a child and then they went the way of the dodo bird along with payphones. For those whom have no idea what I’m talking about take a look at the main mile markers along toll roads. Those big yellow boxes mounted to the poles are what I am talking about. I know that there would be the initial expense of placing all these boxes again, but as we progress further into the wireless age I think we still need this analog (wired) option.