Colder Than A Well Diggers…

At present it is currently 2 degrees outside. With the wind chill factor it drops to approximately -10. (I am speaking in terms of Fahrenheit.) It’s the kind of cold that when the wind cuts into you the only thing you can do is stand there until it stops and mutter and/or yell some obscenities.

Honestly though I could care less about how cold outside it is. I know how to dress appropriately so that it’s impact is minimal and being of Canadian decent ice runs through my veins for the most part. It was just kind of a shock to the system as we had unseasonably warm weather for so long.

A Nation of Dippers

I am by no means a food connoisseur of any kind or have much knowledge of the worlds cuisines, but while enjoying dinner last evening a thought had occurred to me. How much of the US diet consists of a dipping sauce as part of the meal anymore?

It occurs to me that ketchup and ranch sauce are the two biggest dipping sauce choices in the US (at least from my perspective), but over the past five years or so I have seen a plethora of other sauces come into existence. It is with those last couple of thoughts that I have come to the conclusion that we are probably abusing the dipping privilege in comparison to other countries. Especially when it comes to having a dipping sauce and the meal you are enjoying doesn’t require one.