Shotty Work and Dishonesty

This weekend the fiancée and myself enjoyed a weekend away. Just a one night stay in what is normally a pretty dam good hotel chain. Clean sheets, clean towels, everything recently vacuumed, and washed down. What more can one ask for?

Later in the evening while needing to go to the bathroom my attention was drawn to a spot on the wall. The spot would be a small hole in what was a larger patch on the wall. At first I thought it was maybe just a pad batch of plaster, but then I realized where the bathroom door swing path led to. Now after the first time one would think to put a door stop in to prevent it from happening again, but I guess that would be a bridge too far. Then I started looking around the room and saw several other patch spots with shotty finishes.

I’ve seen enough quick fix patch work in my time working along side my father to fix others errors, but what really irked me was the hotels slight bit of dishonesty. Upon walking into the room it was a little stuffy so I walk over to the HVAC unit and see a sign that reads “unit controlled by wall panel”. So I search the room to find it hidden behind the desk lamp. It was one of those old General Electric mercury switch units. Finding it odd but not giving it much thought beyond that I lower the temperature and activate the fan.

About and hour later my fiancée comments that the air temperature hasn’t changed so I give the wall unit a second gander. This time I pulled the cover plate off to find that mercury tumbler but no additional control wiring. At that point I returned to the HVAC unit and pick up the sign indicating to use the wall control unit and find that the actual control panel is there.

Normally I would take some time and call out this Hotel Brand on the carpet and dress them down a little, but the summary of offenses isn’t that great. Just more disappointed in the general underhandedness.

New Words

So apparently the Oxford Dictionary has decided to add some new words to their official list. While reviewing it a majority of the words don’t make sense. Maybe one or two I can get on board with, but the majority is a joke. A few did make me giggle, but the vast majority make me question the professionals who decide the addition of new words.

I understand that as a language evolves new words and concepts will arise over time, but I think that the evolve part is being forgotten. Some of the words the exist now in the English language are as a result of laziness or just plain ignorance. I may jokingly use some of the “new words”, but never  in a serious context.

Maybe its just me getting old or my inner educator breaking through, but something has to give.

Drivers Liscense Retest

Aside from a freshly minted driver and discounting the obvious dangers there are when you intoxicated or texting while driving I would say the next most dangerous group driving are the elderly. Before anyone decides to get high and mighty on me and start throwing he ageist term around hear me out.

Every time I have to go anywhere further than a mile from my home I will come across a senior driver whom for whatever reason drift from side to side of their lane. Now, I know that any vehicle will just by the nature of physics drift a little, but these said drives are drifting feet not inches. What’s worse is sometimes its into the emergency shoulder, the next lane, or worse yet opposing lane of traffic. They will correct quickly, but there will come a time where that’s a day late and a dollar short.

It is a fact of life that as we age even with preventative exercise and vitamins your reaction speed will diminish. Which is why I want the elderly retested when they have to renew their license’s every so many years. I am aware that peoples doctors can revoke their licenses for a variety of medical reasons, but physicians are more empts to hand out a handicapped tag before they’ll revoke or suspend someone’s license.

I can dig up plenty of newspaper articles to back my logic and I have a few personal experiences with older family members to back me up as well. I know a lot of people will point out that driving is sometimes seniors only form of independence left but I will ask if their life or another’s life is really worth the potential accident they could create. I will also hold my maternal grandfather up as a shining example of the ideal situation. As he aged he realized that his reaction time was slowing and even with the aid of glasses eye sight was diminishing. So as time went on he would restrict when and where he would drive. Finally one day he would stop driving altogether. Never asked him to surrender his license, just knew it was a good idea to drive unless there was no other choice.

Man Cards

Gentlemen if you haven’t been informed by now upon reaching manhood as determined by whatever you are issued a set of man cards. You start each year with five and can earn no more. Lose them as you will as the year goes on. (Loss of said man cards is determined by the rules set forth in the bro code as determined at the yearly men’s council.)

In a moment of weakness today I had to surrender one of my own man cards because I willingly drank a pumpkin spiced latte from dunkin. I am still hanging my head in shame but it was worth it.

In the event that you do have children all man cards are permanently suspended until the youngest is 18 years of age. As a parent it is understand that you inevitably have to do some unmanly things for sake of your children and there’s sense in besmirching ones record unnecessarily.

Please refer to the Dr. Cox link below for further source material.

Dr. Cox Man Cards

Want v. Need: Vehicles

I find that people more and more now have no clue what the difference between a want and a need are. Just to clarify a want is something you desire, but don’t have to have. A need is something that is necessary and you can’t do without.

For this specific want vs. need discussion I am talking about vehicles. Let’s start with the fact that not everyone needs a vehicle. If you live a city or metro area where there is an excellent infrastructure in place with multiple forms of public transportation one does have to ask themselves if they really do need to own a vehicle of some kind.

The area in which I live in does have a daily bus service, but the schedule is haphazard at best and does not have 24 hour service. Thus it makes a vehicle a need and not a want which brings me too my next point. If you live in an area where a vehicle is a necessary part of life take care of the damn thing.

I see vehicles on the road on a daily and wonder how they pass inspection. What confuses me even more is peoples inability to properly prioritize what should be fixed/working on their vehicle. I’m not going to sit here and run through every single thing, but ill try and water it down a bit. Engine, breaks, tires, and exhaust should be top priority. Body/frame would be next in the line up. Everything beyond that to, me anyway, is just icing on the cake.

Let me put it this way. If your sound system or low profile tires and spinner rims cost more than the value of your vehicle you priorities are messed up.

It’s A Wonderful Day In the Neighborhood

One of my best memories from childhood is watching Fred Rogers. Honestly, if you aren’t down with Trolley and The Land of Make Believe feel free to stop reading.

I think Mr. Rogers is the ultimate litmus test for when asking yourself if something is a good idea. Instead of asking yourself “What would my grandmother/father think?”, instead ask yourself, “What would Mr. Rogers think?”

Many of you may be Googling who Fred Rogers is and that’s fine, but if you grew up watching and learning from this man you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Keeping it simple today people.

Can I Get Beer Flavored Beer?

Can we please stop fucking around with flavoring everything, especially beer. I get that there are different kinds of beer’s IPA’s, stouts, porters, etc… However, I will not stand for flavored beers.

I have tried several of the fruit flavored beers, chocolate, and the biggest sin of all….the coffee flavored beer. At no point in time did I think that any of them were something I would be willing to try again and/or drink on a regular basis. All you beer connoisseurs go stand in the corner of the bar as far away from me as possible. Normally I would have you all dragged to the nearest public squares strung up from the yard arms and flogged, but I better things to spend my time and energy on.

I’m gonna link Dr. Dennis Leary’s bit about flavored coffee’s here to further illustrate my point.

Dennis Leary Coffee Bit

A Screw Up on Your Part Does Not Constitute an Emergency on Mine

My Shop and Drafting teacher had a similar sign hung up in his room and the sign was spot on. Gather round kids it’s story time again. This one happened less than…..5 hours ago. Please also bear in mind I’m only hearing most of this as I was in the corner of the pharmacy putting together a compound for another patient.

A woman comes to the drive thru and talks to the pharmacist who also happens to be the RX manager. Says that we shorted her some of her sons antibiotic. Being the good  pharmacist that he is tells the woman to bring the bottle in so we can check it out. There was the remote possibility that we may have only given her one bottle and forgot to fill the balance when it came in……that wasn’t the case.

Said woman comes back some time later and it is clear that we didn’t short anything. The stock bottle matches what should have been dispensed. My pharmacist asks how she was dosing just to make sure it was being given properly. Patient’s mother confirmed that it was. To be quit honest it was clear from looking at the bottle that is was spilled based on all the residue that was inside and outside the bottle. However, since we have corporate masters to answers to we can’t point that out, but did ask if any was spilt. Again the answer was no, so we offer to call the insurance to get an override.

That call would not be made while this woman was there. I’m not sure at what point she became short with my pharmacy manager but needless to say the interaction did not end on a positive note. A call to the insurance was still made, but to no avail since the medication would be eligible for refill again the next day. The moral of the story here is that if you do mess something up ask for help to fix the issue. Blaming others for your mistakes doesn’t fix shit and only makes you look like a bigger jerk.

We understand that things happen and have several procedures in place to help solve the issue. However, trying to place the blame on us is not how to solve your issue. I made the mistake of emerging from my work station to see if someone else needed help while the exchange between my pharmacy manager and this woman took place. The second she saw me standing there she tried to blame me for not mixing the antibiotic correctly. There are instructions on how to mix it on both the stock bottle and our information leaflets. My error rate on mixing antibiotics is zero and will continue to be so. Throwing the two guys most likely to help you under the bus is not what you want to do.

Do You Have Any Water?

Upon waking today I quickly checked the news like I normally do and the main headline is that the town the pharmacy I work is in had its main water line rupture interrupting service for 6600 customers. As of the moment the water company is still pumping water out of the breach hole in order to assess the damage. There is no repair timeline yet. The first thing I thought of when I saw the headline this morning was the Robin Williams bit about water from his Broadway special.

I also speculated with my coworkers as if this was the beginning of the end. It’s not, but close enough for the people of the area. As the day wore on I realized just how much the main line breaking affected the surrounding areas. My lunch plans got re-planed, but more so impacting our ability to function as a pharmacy. The amount of doctors offices and other medical facilities closed made it a quiet day. Between not being able to communicate with a large chunk of the offices and patients not really wanting to leave because of the heat and lack of water it turned into a weekend shift.

Once the water is back on full tilt I’m sure well get it, but only time will tell. This incident only goes to show how fragile our infrastructure truly is. The pipe that burst was from the late 1800’s. The water company did state they have and aggressive infrastructure repair budget and plan but based on the pipes that have broke during the summer time in the last five years I think they need to rethink their strategies.

Can You Just Fill Whatevers Due

I’m fairly certain I’ve covered this before, but lately this request has been on the rise again. Seriously people, act like the Adults you go around pretending to be. Relying on the pharmacy personnel and/or their computer system to know when YOUR medication is due is complete and utter bullshit.

What’s worse is that a lot of patients only know they are a specific number of medications and that’s it. Let me break it down for you people. We are there to educate you on your medication and make sure that everything jives in terms of what your are taking. That truly is the watered down version of it. However, between your doctor and us once you leave that day you have had several opportunities to ask questions and will have been informed about said medications(s).

If after that point you can’t remember what does what and when its due that’s on you. We have way to many other things to worry of which involves educating the next patient who is going to ignore/forget about everything we just tried to convey to them.