Facebook Memories

For however long now Facebook has been giving people a daily notice of their memories. Essentially  a look back at the same day for up to about five years ago. I like this feature and find it to be useful.

I think the original intended function was to give people a look into the past so they can relieve fond memories and laugh at themselves a bit as well. I do this myself as well, but I also take some time to purge some things from my wall as well.

Mostly things that just have horrible spelling mistakes or nonsensical posts that I haven’t the slightest recollection as to why I put them up, but also don’t get rid of things from people I don’t associate with anymore. Some people will probably say that I shouldn’t try and erase my past and I agree with said people. However, I have learned from that said incident and moved on. I don’t need a yearly reminder of it.

Work Footwear

When I buy a pair of sneakers for working in the pharmacy I tend to drop a few extra sheckles on them for both comfort and performance. I will be in them a minimum of 7 hours a shift. I also resign myself to the fact that they will most likely start falling apart within 8 months. I’m going to be honest with you. If you work foot wear doesn’t do the same thing you, you either have a cushy job or your not working hard enough.

However I’m not going to replace my footwear on a yearly basis. Just from a budgetary stand point its not feasible. At the minimum I require two years of service from my work kicks before I can even think of retiring them and relegating them to house knock arounds or yard work status.

Since starting college I have learned to repair my footwear as needed. Sometimes it’s a simple glue job while other times it requires some stitching. Luckily, this time it was just a glue job in most spots to get some of the loose pieces back together. Once that was accomplished I noticed an increase in support as well so I most likely strengthened them in some fashion.

The sneakers started breaking down a while ago, but the prognosis at this point is that I’ve probably got at least another 6 months of consistent use on them providing no major failures.

Black Friday

As many of you started your Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving (which is a Thursday by the way) and promptly forgot what you are thankful for once you hit that store(s) parking lot I did not. In fact I didn’t even leave my house. I waited until exactly 12:05 with my virtual cart loaded all I had to do was apply the Black Friday code and I had all my sales prices in addition to free shipping on most things.

For those of you suckers who got up insanely early to hit the stores opening at 6am or earlier for the gangbuster deals please have imagined me laughing manically because I will have been at home in bed snuggled warm in my blankets still staring at the inside of my eyelids. (Sleeping for anyone who is confused.)

I am done with my Christmas shopping for the most part. I will have to venture to the mall at some point to pick up a few odds and ends, but I will never venture out in the crazy ness of a Black Friday shopping experience. And honestly if I can check off my list come Cyber Monday…even better.

Salary Caps

So upon awakening today I give Facebook a quick check before arising to officially start my day and I see a friend post about how one of the individuals they know thinks there should be a cap on how much a working person can earn. The second I saw that I knew I had a BLOG topic. Just to be clear I mostly agree with said persons thoughts. Before you decided to try and shout me down please be sure to read all of my BLOG so you can make an informed opinion.

There should be a clearly defined salary cap for jobs for a variety of reasons. Just so that an employee has an idea of where their potential total earnings can equal out to is a great for starters. Said employee may be happy with hitting their salary cap and can make a comfortable living when they hit that point. I know exactly what my salary cap is and have figured out that I can live comfortably off of that for the rest of my working career.

However, I will not be happy once I reach said cap level. I believe that if I continue to work hard and meet/surpass the standards and goals set out before me that I should be rewarded with a raise each year. With that being said though I also understand that putting caps on certain job levels or positions makes sense in order to motivate the employee. Yes, employers are literally saying that this is what we think this positions yearly max worth is.

It is at this point that if you as an employee want to earn more, you will need to figure out a way to advance yourself. In most instances it will be through a combination of additional hard work at your job and through education/additional training. That way you can say to your boss, “Hey, I’ve been working hard and added some tools to my bag of tricks. I would like to talk about getting a promotion.” Both of which I have been doing and am on track for a promotion/job change of sorts.

Let’s be honest here though. I know that salary capping is also a money saving tool for any employer. Most companies don’t want to shell out any more cash to their employees than they have to. Again though, this should be a motivating factor to figure out how to advance one’s self either up through the ranks or taking your experience somewhere else for better pay.

Consistent Volume Levels

I have zero knowledge on how sound engineering works. but I’m a little confused by the lack of consistent sound levels in some of the podcasts I listen to. I’m not going to sit here and name names, but all of the podcasts I listen to are by people who have made successful careers in other parts of the entertainment industry and have either decided to expand their brand into the podcasting universe or reboot their careers in said universe.

It is here that the inconsistent sound quality baffles me because all of these people either would have learned at least a little something about it or have access to a person they could hire or at least consult on how to do it properly.

The main podcast network had the foresight to hire 3 sound engineers/ sound board technicians. The only time I ever hear an issue is when a piece of equipment fails which is promptly fixed/replaced by switching to a back up. On the opposite end of the networks is a comedian whom does a weekly podcast and does zero sounds engineering.

Yet I know this person has access to sound engineers through one of their 13 gigs so why the set aside a few sheckles to pay for their services is beyond me.

Finally is another comedian who essentially falls into the middle of the road. They have hired on a sound engineer, but whomever they hired is not consistent. It’s either amazing quality with clear consistent sounds levels or just total shit with sometimes subpar clarity and sound levels that jump all over the place.

If you are going to be producing a professional product then it should be as such. Shit like this is armature hour. If I didn’t care about what these people had to say or they made me laugh on a regular basis I would have cut off the podcasts along time ago.

There’s 24 Hours In A Day?

There are times when if I want to complete every single thing I wish to accomplish in a day which includes my minimum amount of sleep 24 hours just isn’t enough to accomplish it. Since not sleeping at all isn’t an option for me because a level of anger I’m not comfortable with due to sleep deprivation. I have to figure out where to make cuts in my schedule.

Normally I find myself cutting out my daily recreational time. I try to just cut back the time, but it just ends up getting eliminated all together. Unfortunately this BLOG is included in that recreational time a lot. Sorry kids, its just the way it is.

Without turning this into a multipoint lecture Ill just say that this adulating thing is hard. There are days where I feel like just going and building a tree fort somewhere and never coming back. On the kick side of it there are times where I feel like I have the world by the tail and I am it’s master.

The struggle is real people. Put on your helmet and dive in. Sometimes that’s the only way to survive.

Sorry, Were Out of Stock

When any proprietor of any wares states they are out of something, please don’t ask if we really are. If anything the next questions should be, “When will you have more?”, or “Do you know who else might have it available?”. We will be most happy to provide those answers, but circling around for a second pass is pointless.

In the pharmacy universe there’s never a point in time where we want to be out of something. It’s a pain in the ass for us and we don’t enjoy delivering bad news to patients. That being said when you ask me, “Are you sure you don’t have any?”, I immediately stop giving a damn. At the point in time you will receive the bare minimum of service from me.

This is like going to a gas station and finding out the ran out of premium and then asking the attendant are they sure they are out. No they are hiding the tanker truck around back hording it all for themselves. What the hell people.