Wedding Jitters

I lost count of how many people asked me, “Are you nervous?”. Every time my answer was no. At no point in time did I have a reason to. My wife just didn’t give me a reason to be and through the amount of time we gave ourselves in preparation for the wedding everything went smoothly except for one hiccup. (A story for another time.) Let me break this down a way the might be more understandable.

I have the pleasure of owning a 50 Cal rifle. It is a rare occasion I take it out namely because of the expense of ammo. However, when I do I get all sorts of excited and happy. That’s my equivalent feeling leading up to the wedding. The wedding day itself was like the second(s)leading up before I pull the trigger. Either this is going to be a spectacular on the money shot and I get that awesome adrenaline rush of putting some lead down range or I’m gonna get the one junk round and the rifle is going to blow apart in my hands. Need less to say if you haven’t figured it out by now it was the exciting wonderful part.

I refused to let any negativity sneak into what was to be an awesome special day for me, my wife, and out collective friends and family.

Planning A Wedding

Planning my upcoming nuptials has been a rollercoaster of a ride. Not exactly backwards inverted corkscrews, but a couple of G’s are being bulled on the dives. The one thing I can take away from the experience thus far is to give yourself plenty of time and look at ALL of your options.

When I first proposed to my fiancée we thought about trying to put the wedding together for the June wedding she wanted. It would have given us a little under 10 months to get it together. After realizing all that would need to be accomplished in the short amount of time and a certain key member of the wedding party being out of country until a few months before hand that thought was quickly nixed.

For those of you who are forced to or think planning a wedding in under a year is doable…. good luck. Personally, I think you are higher that a kite in a wind storm, but have at it. I know people have done so , but the amount of stress involved can be crippling. Unless you have the assistance of a wedding planner I seriously caution against it.

Let me be frank and point out that you and your significant other will fight over what is most likely really stupid stuff. This is one of those “believe me I know” moments. The way I have minimized this at least from my hetero males perspective is to help make decisions, but remain minimally involved. To that effect I have said “honey if that’s what you want then that’s what it shall be.”, or something to that effect. Otherwise I have had the future Mrs. narrow it down to at least three choices and hash it out from there. See people almost 30 years old at this point and standardized test taking skills are still relevant. I can count the number of times on one hand where I have said, “I want this.”, and when I have I pretty much got my way because it truly was a small ask on my part.

At this point in the game we have all our major items checked off. We took our time and shopped around for the best price, but once we found what we wanted we jumped on it like a couple of rabid wolverines. Seriously people, make a game and start checking off things on your list as quickly as possible. I promise it will mitigate the stress and reduce the nonsense fighting. Getting things nailed down early minimizes the room for error, but does allow for it to happen when it is a non-issue and easy to fix.

Interrupted Service

I apologize for the infrequences lately of my BLOG, but life happens. If you have figured it out by now I am in the process of putting together my wedding. Although most things are arranged and falling into to place nicely there is still lots to get done and finalized.

My fiancée and myself are also looking for our first home. Although we are just starting out in this process it is taking up more of our time as well. Let’s see…what else.

Although my company has already started the process of  preparing for the pending flu season mid July, August is when we begin the actual push into the vaccination season. We are also transitioning through a rebranding process of sorts.

Other miscellenaous things have been poping up as well so that will throw a wrench into the works. However, long work days in general tend to put a damper on me firing up the writing centers of my brain and getting something on here. Occasionally you can notice from my ranting’s when my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders. I was also feeling uninspired as of late, but I have some fresh ideas written down and as we head into flu season that will change as well.

I’m pickin’ up good vibrations

Was feeling some Beach Boys inspiration today. After five days of essentially working doubles I decided to pull the plug on a sixth extended and only worked second shift. So the added sleep was just the start of my positive day.

Upon arriving at the pharmacy I would in a short amount of time find out that I would be getting a “merit based raise”. More money is always a boon in my book and it also quelled some of the anxiety I had over pending changes in the company. Basically it put me at ease that the scope of my position won’t be changing for at least a year.

Finally after much debate and conjecture the flower girl situation was resolved for my wedding. It is more than a year away, but was a point of contention for a bit. \

My point in sharing my useless daily information today is that there is positive to be had every day. Sometimes you have to look for it. Today just happened to be chock full of it for me.

Online Buisness Websites

So my fiancée and I are in the process of selecting the miscellaneous services we will need for our wedding. In specific we are concentrating on a photographer at the moment, but my point goes for any service that potentially would be used by a couple for a wedding or even for a party of some kind in general.

As we comb through the results of Google searches and recommendations from friends and families I am starting to notice two very specific things. The first is being a lack of price listings. I know this is a business tactic more than anything, but I find this annoying. I can shop at any number of online retailers and see the item they are selling with a price listed no problem, but when it comes to services there’s a big nothing most of the time.

This is a business model that most places use in order to get your information so they can “talk” to you about their services and ultimately dance around the price. If they don’t have a price listed anywhere they can basically establish whatever baseline they wish and “adjust” it from there. In my opinion this a bunch of happy horse shit. If you are a business worth your salt all your prices will be listed with a base for each package you offer and an explanation of additions that can be added with their prices as well. That way when I do decided to contact you time and money is not wasted because I know what package I wish to choose and extras I may wish to add. I am always going to anticipate some sort of sales pitch for the next package up or some other extra which is fine, but let’s cut the BS and get back to brass tacks.

The second thing I am noticing is some businesses online presence sucks. The first red flag is the cookie cutter websites. I know that not everyone has the budget for a custom designed website, but when 3 businesses have websites that look almost identical it becomes a little discouraging. Another warning flag is old information on the page. I’m ok with the strike line through information because it may need to be maintained for whatever reason, but when packages are still advertised and it labeled from two or more years ago there’s a problem. If your packages haven’t changed that’s fine, but let’s hit the edit button and get the year updated. If you are relying on a webmaster to maintain your site and they have failed to update your site for over a year; A. Fire them. B. Who the hell is doing quality control?

Event Planners

Currently I am going through the process of planning a wedding with my fiancée. As a result of this we have to interact with the venues event planners. I liken these people to used car dealers. Yes, they are there to “help” guide us through the planning and prepping process, but their primary function is to get us to spend as much money as possible at their venue. Since I am most likely going to be spending top dollar I expect top dollar service even if I haven’t handed over any cash yet.

Today we were checking out a venue and showed up a few minutes early. Well we ended up sitting and waiting for close to 20 minutes because the venue coordinator was not on premises for whatever reason. Finally after letting the front desk person know that I would only wait a few more minutes and uttered the phrase “time is money” did they swing into action and find someone to take care of us. Almost immediately upon the backup person start helping us did the event coordinator emerge to speak with us.

I didn’t question anything at the point so as not to sour the rest of the appointment, but how is this ok? What would happen if I was 15 minutes late? If I am 15 minutes late to a scheduled meeting with parents or an administrator I better walk in bleeding and looking like I just fought off a grizzly bear. If I take 15 extra minutes to do anything for a patient when at the pharmacy you bet there is going to be hell to pay.

This all harkens back to my thoughts the other day on to be an awesome worker. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like professional standards are just being flaunted anymore.