Space Saver Tires

One innovation I will never understand is the space saver spare tire. I get that the point of it is to allow for the vehicle to have a spare tire while still giving it an adequate amount of trunk space/ not require a large extra storage space be built into a vehicle. That’s about the extent of my understanding on it.

Other than allowing you to essentially limp your vehicle to a service station to obtain a new full size tire or repair your original tire, the space saver is essentially useless. There are drastic safety limitations on space savers. Last I remember is that the tire is only good for a couple of hundred miles or so and when driving on it you cannot exceed 35 mph. If the space saver is being used on a major highway you are now a huge safety concern. You’re either going too slowly for the flow of traffic or a possible accident waiting to happen because the high speeds could cause the tire to break off. Also, if the weather is bad (snow or rain) forget maintaining proper traction.

At the end of the day I would like to see two things happen. First space savers just need to go away. The car companies can figure out how to redesign the storage bays so they always accommodate a full size tire. If not you’ll just have to figure how to transport the extra beer cooler to the game another way. Secondly, I want cops issuing safety violation tickets for having a space saver mounted just like they do for having a head/tail light out. It’s a safety thing people. All too often I see people driving cars with more than one space saver tire or a space saver that is clearly bald. Fix the problem within 3 business days and the ticket goes away.

Better yet get me Tony Stark on the blower. We’ll get that hover car hammered out in a weekend and in production by the end of the month.


Driving In The Snow

We’ll after much delay some snow has finally returned to my corner of the world. With the return of the snow we also have the hundreds of drivers who forget how to drive safely in the snow. I am sure I have stood up here on my soap box and pontificated about it in the past, but here are the highlights again.

The most important thing to do is STAY in your lane and maintain a safe speed. You may not be able to maintain the speed limit depending on wind, visibility, and slick road conditions and it is acceptable to go below the speed limit. However, it is not acceptable to be at an almost negligible speed and still traveling. I don’t care if you have your hazard lights on you are now officially a road hazard.

At the same time don’t speed either. The only thing you are going to hurry up to is getting in an accident.

It’s common sense people. Don’t be on the road unless you have to and if you are drive safely.

Want v. Need: Vehicles

I find that people more and more now have no clue what the difference between a want and a need are. Just to clarify a want is something you desire, but don’t have to have. A need is something that is necessary and you can’t do without.

For this specific want vs. need discussion I am talking about vehicles. Let’s start with the fact that not everyone needs a vehicle. If you live a city or metro area where there is an excellent infrastructure in place with multiple forms of public transportation one does have to ask themselves if they really do need to own a vehicle of some kind.

The area in which I live in does have a daily bus service, but the schedule is haphazard at best and does not have 24 hour service. Thus it makes a vehicle a need and not a want which brings me too my next point. If you live in an area where a vehicle is a necessary part of life take care of the damn thing.

I see vehicles on the road on a daily and wonder how they pass inspection. What confuses me even more is peoples inability to properly prioritize what should be fixed/working on their vehicle. I’m not going to sit here and run through every single thing, but ill try and water it down a bit. Engine, breaks, tires, and exhaust should be top priority. Body/frame would be next in the line up. Everything beyond that to, me anyway, is just icing on the cake.

Let me put it this way. If your sound system or low profile tires and spinner rims cost more than the value of your vehicle you priorities are messed up.