Smashing The Tomato

Whenever I have my mother in my truck with me I will inevitably go through an intersection on a yellow light. She calls this “squeezing the lemon.” I’m sure this is a common term but I don hear anyone else throwing it around either. Subsequently my sister and bride to be remind me not to squeeze the lemon when driving with me.

To all of them I respond with, “at least I’m not smashing the tomato.” Essentially running a red light. However, I do occasionally watch people smash the tomato and the chaos that ensues afterwards is normally spectacular.

My first example is when I was returning from the garbage dump in the construction companies that I used to work for dump truck. This thing is a beast of a truck. 1985 Chevy Alfa Romeo CV 33. (Google it.)  Some idiot at the light at the main entry way decided to run it and side swiped the dump truck and then hit one of the municipal garbage trucks. I was fine, the dump truck and garbage only had some cosmetic issues, but said pick up that ran the light was toast.

Second example was from earlier today when someone again ran the red and was towing a boat. Had there not been anything towed the offending vehicle it would have been missed by inches, but with there was a green light and all. Let’s just say the boat is toast and the truck towing it no longer has a rear bumper or axel or frame…..

Moral of the story here people. Don’t run red lights.