Waiting In Line

There are a lot of things I will wait in line for. The bathroom, midnight showing of a movie, medication if  needed bad enough. However, waiting in line for a toy doesn’t even crack my top 100 reasons to wait in line. Don’t get me wrong I have waited in line for a midnight release of a video game back in the day, but that was for myself and I promptly went to bed when I got home shortly after midnight. I also don’t think it equates to what I witnessed earlier this evening.

While shopping for a toy for my friends son for Christmas I decided to head to the local big box toy store with my wife. There happened to be a short line formed outside. I thought that to be really odd as we are well past black Friday at this point and there wasn’t some hot toy making headlines on the daily news as there had been in years past.

Apparently I would be wrong in this instance. The cashier enlightened us that the people in the line outside were waiting for a “Hatchimal”. To help clarify for those confused by that word the closet thing I could come up with is a Furby in an egg. I guess it’s nice to see that there are parents out there who think enough of their children to wait in line through the night in 30 degree weather to get that special toy of the year for them.

I will not be one of those parents. (I say this now and that may change between now and then, but I’m going to draw the line in the sand any way.) This will be one of the few times in my future child(rens) life that they may be to actually throw me under the bus when talking to their therapist. I will place the need for sleep and the comfort of my own bed over the need for this years hot new toy which will most likely be broken or lost by the time we are looking to see if the groundhog sees his shadow.

The End of An Era???

So this is the first Christmas since I was born that I didn’t receive a Hess truck. If you people don’t know what I’m talking about google that shit. Yes, since 1986 I have received a Hess truck as a Christmas gift and your damn straight I played with it every year too. Don’t care if I’m knocking on the door of 30.

It kind of is my own fault. Hess petrol had sold of their remaining gas stations so you would no longer be able to even take a quick hours drive and purchase one anymore. I told my family members not to worry about it that I would watch online and purchase one myself when they became available. And watch I did.

At first it was going to be an online purchase only. Then they also did kiosks in a handful of malls. (The closet one was about a 3 hour drive. BULLSHIT ON THAT!) So I figured I’d wait until they day after they became available online. Do the smart thing and give it a day because I knew their servers would crash from all the orders. Well it was a spectacular crash because those things stayed down for up to a week.

To add insult to injury once the servers came back online to prevent it from happening again they put everyone in a virtual line and you would be emailed when you were eligible to order yours. At that point in the game I decided to tap out because I figured it would only end in disappointment and I could always just order one after the new year. I would be wrong.

Hess has decided to not put a second post season batch into production. I will inevitably have to be price gouged by someone to continue my collection. (Haven’t decided on weather or not I will yet, but most likely nostalgia will take ahold of me at some point or another.) I honestly had not expected to pay ridiculous prices for Hess truck until I decided to start working backwards from where my family started me off all those years ago.

Otherwise I had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas celebration over the last couple of days and look forward to another well deserved day off tomorrow. Hope everyone had or will have an enjoyable holiday season.



One of my favorite toys from my childhood is Lego’s. I kept a majority of my Lego’s until I was almost 25. It was at that point that I realized I couldn’t realistically hang onto them anymore as I wouldn’t be having my own kids anytime soon. I would learn that a coworkers son loved as much as I did and passed on my collection to him.

Don’t get me wrong I still have some Lego’s in my possession just not the sizeable collection I had several years ago. And yes, I still occasionally play with them. Judge me how you will your opinion matters not.

When I do have children of my own I will purchase Lego’s again with reckless abandon. I currently stare at the sets and know that I can’t justify blowing 50 bucks on single set or any money on them for that matter.

However, today was an exception as I was able to purchase a set for a Toys for Tots drive I will be participating in this weekend. Fond memories of childhood came flooding back again.