Bedtime is my favorite part of the day. Not just because I get to close my eyes and go to sleep, but before I get to snuggle under the covers with my wife I put my daughter to sleep first.

After the last feeding of the day I normally end up with my daughter cuddled against me as she falls asleep for the night. Granted she will snuggle against anyone willing to hold her for an extended period of time and drift into dreamland, but I am her preferred end of day cuddle buddy. Even with my most recent weight loss I am still a large and cuddly person. Fact of life.

Waiting for my daughter to fall asleep normally provides me with some time to just sit and enjoy some solitude. Sometime I will read a book to her in final moments before she nods off for the night, but once her eyes are shut I will a few minutes just to make sure she isn’t faking me out. It is during those few minutes where I get to enjoy a Zen moment. Low light, no noise, all is right in the world.


A Full Nights Sleep

Last night for the first time in over two months I actually got a full nights sleep. That’s right people, my two month old stayed asleep for slightly more than a continuous 7 hours and both myself and wife got a complete nights sleep. Let me break it down for you.

Once we both got over how awesome it was a slight bit of panic set in. Although it was the noise of our daughter coming over the monitor that woke us up for the day the thought that something was wrong crept into my head and stayed there until I saw her and realized she was fine. Just as much as children don’t like drastic change all that much it bugged us as adults in this instance.

As my night draws to a close this evening I am hoping for a repeat of yesterdays prolonged slumber of our little one. A return to pre-baby sleeping patterns for myself anyway is much sought after,



A variety of things motivate me to get things done. At current my inability to fall asleep is motivation to type this BLOG and work on a few other things on the interwebz so that I can hopefully fatigue myself into sleep,  but also have some prep work done for myself so that when I rise in the morning whether it be at my usual waking time or later due to the prolonged departure into dreamland I will either be ahead of the game or on schedule.

Let’s examine something else that helps me stay motivated in the face of irksome tasks and weighty responsibilities. There was a mantra that I learned a few years back the helps keep motivated. “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?” It’s mostly a self application thing for when it comes to work and personal things when I’m feeling unmotivated. In terms of work it comes down to I need to get said objective completed so that:

  1. I am not passing the buck on to someone else. I loath when someone does it to me so I am not going to do it to them.
  2. I am not screwing myself. When at the pharmacy sometimes I am all there is to get the task done so I’m either dumping more work on myself for the next day or later in the day. In terms of teaching it turns into me figuring out how to cram something in again either the next day or later that day and then potentially making some other part of my lesson plan suffer as a result.
  3. In the rare instance where I do have to pass the buck onto someone else my request to complete the task I couldn’t is not meet with chagrin, but instead with an acceptance. The person picking up the ball and running with it for me knows that all best efforts were made not have the shit kicked down hill to them, but are going to get it done anyway.

When it comes to getting my personal chores and other miscellaneous tasks completed I base things around a personal rewards system. I will set rewards out for myself in both the short and the long term. That way I am rewarding myself often enough that I’m not getting a gold star for every little thing, bur also so that I don’t have to ask myself why I’m putting such a prolonged delay on gratification.

These are just a few of my thoughts on how to stay motivated and are pretty much adaptable to most work and life situations. If my thoughts on the subject aren’t helpful then here’s FULL METAL JACKET’S Gunnery Sergent Hartman to help motivate.

Sleeping Arrangments

For the first time ever I have to continuously share a bed with someone now. Let me clarify to start with I am not complaining, but it is an adjustment for me. For close to 30 years I have had my own bed to myself.

Now that I share a bed with my wife I find my sleeping habits have changed. (For the better…..I think?) I have more or less shifted to her sleeping schedule which is going to bed earlier and getting an earlier start to my day. So far this has worked out in the effect that I find myself more well rested and more productive.

Maintaining sleep tends to be a little different now as well. I find myself roused from slumber easier. I attribute this mostly to the fact that again, I haven’t had anyone sleeping in the same bed as me ever so when the mattress shifts more than just a little I’m going to feel it. I also find myself more aware of odd internal and external noises of the house. (Please note the we have slept in a bed together on several other occasions but not for consecutive days as we do now.)

In the winter I know there will be a bonus because of shared body heat. Well for her anyway. In general my core body temperature tends to run slightly higher than normal where as my wife tends have feet and hands that feel like ice cubes.

Don’t really know where I’m heading with my thoughts on this at this point, but rest assured I’ll be throwing my thoughts into the ether as I encounter more firsts as newly married man.

Black Friday

As many of you started your Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving (which is a Thursday by the way) and promptly forgot what you are thankful for once you hit that store(s) parking lot I did not. In fact I didn’t even leave my house. I waited until exactly 12:05 with my virtual cart loaded all I had to do was apply the Black Friday code and I had all my sales prices in addition to free shipping on most things.

For those of you suckers who got up insanely early to hit the stores opening at 6am or earlier for the gangbuster deals please have imagined me laughing manically because I will have been at home in bed snuggled warm in my blankets still staring at the inside of my eyelids. (Sleeping for anyone who is confused.)

I am done with my Christmas shopping for the most part. I will have to venture to the mall at some point to pick up a few odds and ends, but I will never venture out in the crazy ness of a Black Friday shopping experience. And honestly if I can check off my list come Cyber Monday…even better.

There’s 24 Hours In A Day?

There are times when if I want to complete every single thing I wish to accomplish in a day which includes my minimum amount of sleep 24 hours just isn’t enough to accomplish it. Since not sleeping at all isn’t an option for me because a level of anger I’m not comfortable with due to sleep deprivation. I have to figure out where to make cuts in my schedule.

Normally I find myself cutting out my daily recreational time. I try to just cut back the time, but it just ends up getting eliminated all together. Unfortunately this BLOG is included in that recreational time a lot. Sorry kids, its just the way it is.

Without turning this into a multipoint lecture Ill just say that this adulating thing is hard. There are days where I feel like just going and building a tree fort somewhere and never coming back. On the kick side of it there are times where I feel like I have the world by the tail and I am it’s master.

The struggle is real people. Put on your helmet and dive in. Sometimes that’s the only way to survive.

Time is Running Out

I’m sure everyone has heard the old axiom, “there aren’t enough hours in the day”.  Well, that is a very true statement. As I sit here and type this BLOG it is an hour past my bedtime and there is probably about an hours worth of miscellaneous stuff I need to get caught up on. However, since I’m looking down the barrel of a shift and a half tomorrow, plus my weekly scout meeting, plus some quality time with my better half sleep wins.

I seriously have no clue who have busier lives than I do get shit done when I’m sitting here struggle busing to get my shit done. This being an adult thing is beat. I’m sure only working one job would significantly improve my ability to get things done and allow for better time management, but since I have bills to pay grind away I shall.

I know there is light at the end of the tunnel somewhere I just need whoever keeps screwing with the light bulb to knock it off.