If you are part of the majority population you probably get your haircut every 2 to 3 months much like I do. I am at the point where I am normally going to just get everything trimmed in close and  the height thinned down, nothing crazy like getting a new style every time. Based on the amount of sleep I try to get each evening and my general want of keeping my morning bathroom routine to a minimum I don’t have time to style my hair.

For as long as I have been paying for my haircut my cost has never exceeded 20 bucks. I think the actual cost is somewhere around 13 dollars and most people would only tip a couple of bucks, but for someone who is making me look good I don’t mind being a generous tipper. If you are paying more than 20 dollars for just the haircut then you need to find a new barber/beautician. I’m sorry, but no ones skill set in the realm of hair cutting is worth that much.

I do value a fresh haircut as much as I do a fresh shave. Very rejuvenating. The only down side is that whatever shirt I wore to the barber shop isn’t wearable the rest of the day. The neck wrap and smock they put on customers isn’t enough to catch all the hair coming off. Inevitably within a few minutes of leaving I will become itchy and need to wipe down my neck and shoulder area and swap for a fresh shirt. This is a small price to pay for the excellent experience I receive from my barber.


In addition to a hot shower I also find a fresh shave very rejuvenating as well. I don’t get into it like some people do with the old school shave kits, but I do own a lather cup and a straight razor. One of those bad boys you see the barber stroking up and down the leather strap after sharpening to remove any burrs. It is one of the closet and best shaves I can give myself as long as I have the time to dedicate to it. Otherwise, I use one of the five blade razors. Although you truly only need one to get the job done I do find that it provides the next best shave.

Although you only need your face to be a little moist the best time to shave is directly after bathing. This way your skin is most pliable from the extra water and heat. Most of the dirt and grim has been removed as well. In addition to removing facial hair shaving also helps get rid of facial dirt and removes a lot of the dead skin on the face as well. I remember reading something many moons ago this is one of the reasons why men tend to look younger when were older.

You may be asking, “What about shaving cream/gel?” Just pick whatever doesn’t irritate your skin. Also, don’t spend an arm and a leg on any one brand either. Most contain similar ingredients. I do caution against anything scented on the chance it will irritate your skin.

Finally, electric shavers. I have tried them in the past and they just aren’t my cup of tea. If it happens to be your weapon of choice then shave on my friend. As long as it gets the job done that’s all that matters.