Man Cards

Gentlemen if you haven’t been informed by now upon reaching manhood as determined by whatever you are issued a set of man cards. You start each year with five and can earn no more. Lose them as you will as the year goes on. (Loss of said man cards is determined by the rules set forth in the bro code as determined at the yearly men’s council.)

In a moment of weakness today I had to surrender one of my own man cards because I willingly drank a pumpkin spiced latte from dunkin. I am still hanging my head in shame but it was worth it.

In the event that you do have children all man cards are permanently suspended until the youngest is 18 years of age. As a parent it is understand that you inevitably have to do some unmanly things for sake of your children and there’s sense in besmirching ones record unnecessarily.

Please refer to the Dr. Cox link below for further source material.

Dr. Cox Man Cards