Last Man Standing

Since Christmas Eve one family member after another has taken ill for at least 24 hours or more. This includes my work family. One by one I have watched some ailment put them out of commission for an extended period of time. Everyone that is except me.

I am an island on to my own. When some sickness makes the rounds I can normally weather the storm and at worse only have to deal with some of the minor annoying symptoms associated with whatever the affliction is. I’ll have to attribute this to my robust immune system.

Through the pharmacy I have the “pleasure”  of interacting with hundreds of patients in a week and as a result of that their illnesses as well. I’m also exposed to many a students through my teaching endeavors and the illnesses they bring with them to the classroom. I would say my immune system is always working over time combating and adapting to the various illnesses that are hurled my way.

I also never bought into the constant use of hand sanitizer. If memory serves me the CDC and other federal health agencies put out studies saying that people were over doing it. To put a fine point on this I make sure I’m clean and sterile when I need to be, but the rest of the humans on the continent I share with need to calm down with the scrubs and the lotions. Your body does need a certain level or bacteria on it and in it anyway.

It’s like I tell my coworkers and cohorts all the time. Just lick the counter/keyboard and get it over with. The illness is going to claim you anyway just get it over with now. Unless your me and the New York City sewer rats.

School Zones

School safety zones exist for the exact reason of safety. Get traffic to slow down so that students can come and go from the school quickly and safely, but also to allow buses and parent pick up/ drop off occur in a quick and safe manner. However, today I have found one caveat to that.

For the second time this month I made the trip to our district office. In order to take that trip in a timely manner I have to drive up a fairly large and busy mountain side. On said mountain side is a school and with that comes a speed safety zone. Inside the safety zone the speed limit is 15 MPH. Having a line of traffic drop to that speed on an incline turn is not a difficult task however trying to accelerate on the other side of the safety zone is not an easy task.

The incline at that point increases by another 2 degrees and if you have a large truck at the head of it forget it. There are two lanes of travel both ways, but its not always easy to negotiate that pass and the stress on the vehicle is unwarranted. That aside this does create another safety issue.

Some people just aren’t able to compensate quickly enough to slow down. Especially if they aren’t aware of the school zone up ahead. Yes, I am aware that any driver should be aware of their surroundings at all times, but not everyone is perfect. To bottom line it this particular schools safety zone doesn’t need to have the speed limit reduction. At no point in time will students ever be crossing on foot. The only vehicles coming in and out of the school other than the employees is buses and other district transportation vehicles.

I may just be bitching here people, but after watching a dump truck almost monster truck a smaller car for the second time in same area in a less than one month time frame I think my words hold some weight.

Tis the Season

No, no it isn’t. The pharmacy I work at has begun the process of bringing the Christmas items out for display and sale. I like Christmas about as much as the next person, but we need to put the brakes on the early start to holiday seasons. The first frost hasn’t even hit yet and corporate is going to start shoving Christmas down everyone’s throat. Before I dive head deep into this issue let’s rewind the year a bit.

About a week after the fourth of July back to school stuff started popping up everywhere. The kids are barely out of school a month and we are going to remind them its right around the corner. I could see that going well.

I never really took a lot of notice to it before, but after having more than a decades experience working in a retail pharmacy setting I have picked up on the store fronts trend to kick off “seasons” earlier each year. Let me illustrate my point further, as soon as the initial back to school items had cleared the shelves Christmas items arrive with the replenishment order. I’m all for being prepped for future events, but that stuff could have sat in the warehouse until later this year.

The early start nonsense really does need to stop or just be adjusted to a more reasonable time of the year. The frenzy for Christmas some people experience is truly mind boggling sometimes and having it appear early doesn’t help.

I’m not trying to throw Christmas under the bus here, but due to corporation’s desire to squeeze every last penny out of people during this time of year it becomes the biggest offender. Just for sanity’s sake lets worry about the holiday that’s going to happen in a couple of weeks rather than a couple of months.

A Scout is…Thrifty

Just to clarify what thrifty is I will start with the Merriam-Webster online dictionary definition; managing or using money in a careful or wise way. There is a reason personal management is an eagle required merit badge. One of the most important things any person can learn is how to manage their money in a responsible manor and it is also one of the hardest things to accomplish as well.

For as excellent as the average U.S. school district may be time and again they normally fall short in this department of teaching young adults on how to use the banking system for one and how to manage ones money. This is where scouting has learned to fill the gap. The Eagle Scout required merit badge of personal management goes into great depth of learning to manage ones money and the different parts of the U.S. banking system. Most troops take this a step further with each scout having their own personal account in which some of the funds raised from the different yearly fund raisers goes directly back to the boy which can be used to help with any cost he may incur from scouting.