Normally I can track the general use of common sense among the general populace with a relatively consistent up and downward cycle. It’s kind of a ying and yang balance of the universe thing. However, lately its been flatling worse than a botched transplant on a cardiac patient.

One of the running gags I have with a few of my coworkers is that if I could figure out how to bottle common sense and sell it I’d be broke as I currently am because it would never be purchased. Normally, when dealing with someone who has failed to use common sense I can generally lead them back down the path of least resistance and get them to that “ah ha” moment, but lately it seems that I would be better off dragging a dead horse to water and making it drink.

I know a lot of it is a constant battle with the instant gratification created by the way a majority of society operates and also issues created by distractions from social media, but if I can tune that out I expect everyone else to tow that line.