Event Planners

Currently I am going through the process of planning a wedding with my fiancĂ©e. As a result of this we have to interact with the venues event planners. I liken these people to used car dealers. Yes, they are there to “help” guide us through the planning and prepping process, but their primary function is to get us to spend as much money as possible at their venue. Since I am most likely going to be spending top dollar I expect top dollar service even if I haven’t handed over any cash yet.

Today we were checking out a venue and showed up a few minutes early. Well we ended up sitting and waiting for close to 20 minutes because the venue coordinator was not on premises for whatever reason. Finally after letting the front desk person know that I would only wait a few more minutes and uttered the phrase “time is money” did they swing into action and find someone to take care of us. Almost immediately upon the backup person start helping us did the event coordinator emerge to speak with us.

I didn’t question anything at the point so as not to sour the rest of the appointment, but how is this ok? What would happen if I was 15 minutes late? If I am 15 minutes late to a scheduled meeting with parents or an administrator I better walk in bleeding and looking like I just fought off a grizzly bear. If I take 15 extra minutes to do anything for a patient when at the pharmacy you bet there is going to be hell to pay.

This all harkens back to my thoughts the other day on to be an awesome worker. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like professional standards are just being flaunted anymore.