For as long as I have been aware of what exactly is entailed to be the President of the United States of America I have always viewed it as a position of great importance that should be honored and respected by both the American people and the person occupying that position. However, the person currently occupying this time honored office, in my humble opinion, is doing anything but that.

When it became clear that Donald Trump would become the 45th President of the United States I thought that all the heads of the major news stations had gotten together and decided they were going to “Punk” America. Then when it became clear that that wasn’t happening either I resigned myself to the fact that it was going to be another eight years of the Republican version of the status quo. Boy, was I wrong on that one as well.

For as much controversy that surrounded the election of President Trump I wanted him to do well. I thought that the celebrity BS would be put aside and he would do his best to get both sides of the isle together and get something done. The Donald got both sides of the political divides together alright. United in stymieing anything he wants to do or in total opposition.

Here’s my ultimate beef with Donald Trump as our President. To me the President embodies what should be the ultimate professional. For the most part, I haven’t seen much of anything resembling any level of professionalism. Some of the dumb things The Donald has said in press conferences or tweeted out is mind boggling. I have watched/heard disagreements between elementary school students be more cordial than some of the muck ups our presidents had engaged in.

I know that I should be going over examples to support my argument here, but all one has to do is watch one of the major news networks and you could see exactly what I am talking about. In short, I am embarrassed of our current President.

Voter Fraud

President Trump wants to launch an investigation into voter fraud. I’m down with investigating this, but at the same time I feel like it’s a wild goose chase. How many millions of dollars will need to be dedicated to this? If something turns up great. The people at fault can be brought to justice otherwise the American tax payer will just have to shoulder another useless endeavor of the federal government.

Among the list of allegations is that dead people are still miraculously voting. I know this was a problem in the past, but most voting districts have rectified that problem with upgrading to electronic ballot collections and double redundancy voter check in by polling officials. I’m sure there are ways to compromise the computerized systems but when you have multiple voting officials checking over each entry I tend to think it makes it very difficult for the so called “ghost ballots” to be cast.

President Trump is also pointing to people being registered in more than one state. I’ll give some credence to this. If I had to guess when a person moves their place of residence from one county or state to another they only remember to register themselves in their new voting district and not unrolling themselves in the other. I only see this as a failure of our own registration system to not have a central processing information storage server that automatically eliminates the registrants previous info. Additionally, does President Trump really think that people have the time and resources to vote in one district and get themselves to another? I personally don’t have the time as I always choose to vote early in the morning even if it makes me late for work because it’s normally very busy at the end of the day.

The accusation that somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 to 5 million illegal immigrants are fraudulently registered to vote and have done so baffles me. I know that there are a great number of people of currently reside in our country illegally. I also know that they don’t want to be found out by ICE. I sincerely doubt that these people who although they would very much like to enjoy the freedoms, privileges, and obligations that come with being a US citizen would put themselves at risk by trying to vote.

Let me point out that President Trumps own attorneys have stated and to a certain extent proven that there is no voter Fraud. Granted it was in defense of accusations from 3rd party candidate Jill Stein, but when you have your own people saying, “No, everything’s cool”. Shut up.

As is the law of the land you do not need to win the popular vote in order to become president of the United States. It is through the Electoral College that the president is chosen. I think President Trump needs to take a moment to reflect on this and then let it go. If your ego is that damaged by the fact that you didn’t win the popular and the Electoral College then resign. Otherwise, drop the butt hurt act, roll up the sleeves, and get to work. Win the hearts and minds of the American people so that in 4 years you can win both no problem. We’re all watching Mr. President.


Surprising Poll Results

For the most part I kept my political opinions to myself and avoided the topic of politics with my friends and colleges. I did this mostly because I wished to maintain said relationships, but also because I didn’t want any discussion to potentially devolve into an argument. Now after all the voting is done for the most part I have ventured a discussion with many a person.

What I am actually surprised at is how many people have abandoned the main stream candidates and actually voted for the 3rd party candidates out there. For those of you who did I thank you. I am of the opinion that we need to get away from the Democrat and Republican being the only viable options. It has caused too many issues with all levels government for too long.

I am also surprised at the number of people who have crossed party lines. I am glad that many people have taken the time to look outside their parties and see that sometimes the person “on the other side of the fence” can be the better candidate despite what your party leaders my say.

One thing that caught me off guard is the results of the mock election at the high school I teach at. The Donald won out among the students. I could speculate the influencing factors behind that, but I view it as a let sleeping dogs be rather than try and investigate.

Finally for the first time ever I had to stand in line and wait my turn to vote. Ever since I became of age to vote I have done so, but always noted voter turn out to be low. Now all across my state there have been recorder breaking voter turn out. For this reason alone it makes me proud to be part of our democratic system, but for all the reasons listed it is ten fold.

Choosing A Candidate

As the U.S. general election is right around the corner I would like everyone to keep something in mind. By what measuring stick do you judge the worthiness of the candidate(s) you are going to vote for? I am not narrowing the scope to any one particular race or political party here. (If you know me well enough you already know what my political choices are.)

What I am looking for here is more people to have a well informed opinion and get out there and voting. However, when choosing a candidate I would like people to have some sort of moral and ethical gage in which they are picking by other than I identify with this person because….

When I am trying to size up candidates to decide whom I will cast my ballot for I review the scout law and see how many of the of 12 points they match up to. To put a finer point on this the first law is trustworthy. If you as a candidate can’t pass muster on that one I don’t bother wasting my time with further research, and honestly, this goes for anyone I have to interact with.


Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!

The field for potential republican presidential candidates has officially become a joke today. I know that some candidates are actually looking to make some change, but the majority are just trying to curb stomp the rest of the democrats. I don’t even really know what to say so here is how I think the office of president should be determined.

Since the current field for republican is so large I think the only way to truly decide the winner is to have a royal rumble match with tables and ladders. The democrats with a significantly smaller field and very little growth potential I’m thinking round robin best of 3 matches.

Once each political party has their respective champions we’ll schedule a Hell in the Cell match to determine who the next president is. We may not be able to do better than 30% voter turnout, but given the right advertising campaign I bet I could get better than 85% viewership for the final rounds.