Unsolicited Opinion

I’m going to assume that if you are here reading these words that you hold my opinion in some regard or at the minimum are curious and want to see what I have to say. Either way, thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to read my words of wisdom/ hair brained ranting’s. With that being said here’s my story.

The other day I was at Lowes with my wife looking at refrigerators. The kitchen of the house we are buying has a color pallet that stainless steel looks great in so of course that’s what I am looking at. All of a sudden a wild Gengar appears out of no where and a Poke battle ensues……at least that’s what the ambush felt like.

As I was standing there reading the specs on the refrigerator a random stranger wanders up next to me and asks if I am looking to buy stainless steel. I inform said stranger that I am because that’s what we designed our kitchen for. Said stranger then proceeds to go into a five minute diatribe about why I shouldn’t buy stainless steel products. Upon completion of his speech I thanked the stranger for his input and went on about my business. Why this person felt compelled to sway my purchasing opinion ill never know.

At first I thought it was a Lowes team member or one of the vendors trying to sway me towards a different product, but said person didn’t have a badge or clothing that would indicate as such. From what I gathered he wasn’t a contractor either. I was just left dumb founded that some random stranger whom I can’t even grab at the foggiest memory of past random patient interaction felt compelled to “inform” me as to why I shouldn’t buy stainless steel.

After sharing the this story with a co-worker I equated my interaction with the above mentioned stranger to the Kool-aid man busting through the wall while at a doctors appointment and telling me I shouldn’t take blood pressure medication after I just finished talking with the doctor about why I should.


Pokémon Go

Alright I’m going to jump on the band wagon and talk about it. Just to clarify……yes, I am 30 years old and yes, I am playing Pokémon Go. I grew up when Pokémon when it first hit the US so the nostalgia is strong here. I will also point out that my wife, brother in-law, most of my friends, and some of my co-workers are also playing. My point being is that judge me however you want I really don’t care one way or the other.

I have always been walking throughout my neighborhood as part of my exercise routine and my natural curiosity has always led me to explore and find the interesting and historical parts of it. What the Pokémon Go app has done is add a more fun component to my walk (I have used augmented reality apps in the past, but none that really maintained my attention) and extended my time walking. I have yet to fully experience the social aspect of the game, but I’m sure that will come with time.

And with the good comes the bad…..or more like the dumb. So in the local news Pokémon Go has been the go to story for a variety of reasons, but one has stood out the most to me. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 people got locked inside a cemetery while hunting Pokémon. Now, I don’t hang out in cemeteries, but I’ve noted on more than one occasion that much like state and municipal parks they close at sunset. (There are signs.) What was even more annoying was there were grown ass adults there and used ZERO common sense.

What got me mad though was that at least two police officers, and fire truck, and I believe an ambulance crew were taken off availability while they tracked down the care taker to let these idiots out of the cemetery. What’s the big deal you ask? Gee I don’t know maybe these emergency services personal would have been needed for an actual emergency oh and the waste of tax payers dollars tying up these resources.

Please for the love of cake people. Use common sense when playing. This is tame in comparison I’m sure of the things to come. Above all though have fun and enjoy.