Brand Spankin New

I think I can safely say that everybody loves to open up something that is “factory sealed” new. As in mint condition. At least I do anyway. Let’s start with what I consider top of the list.

Fresh off the line cars are the best. They haven’t been road or weather worn. Providing the vehicle isn’t a lemon they are in pristine condition usually with less than 10 miles on them when they roll off the delivery truck. Lets put aside everything about how it looks and operates. The smell is where its at. Nothing beats the smell of a brand new car. That “new car” smell stuff they sell doesn’t cut it either.

A recent experience of getting something brand new that I had enjoyed was getting a brand new pack of boxers. “A set of freshies”, to quote one of the pharmacists I’m normally partnered with. Have to go agree his assessment is on point. A set of freshly laundered BVD’S is fantastic, but when its fresh from the pack and untainted by anything is even better. Combine that with just getting out of the shower and you’ll feel like a million bucks.

Although one can argue that snow technically isn’t new I’m going to run with it here. One of the best parts of winter is a fresh blanket of the white stuff on the ground. (No I am not talking about Bolivian Shale.) It enhances the mood for this time of year and if your like me and equipped with snow blowing equipment you can turn the white into green.

One thing brand new out of the box I know that most people don’t like is a deck of cards. They are normally slick and thus make them difficult to manage. I’ve listened to my poker playing friends complain about them enough in the past, a couple of whom are professional dealer at the local casino. I have also listened to magician Penn Jillette explain about how he likes to get card decks worked in/conditioned to a certain point when performing certain tricks.