A Series of First’s

Since June 4th I have been on a roller coaster ride of first’s and some lasts as well. Incase you missed it I got married back on June 4th. This is my first marriage and as far as I am concerned my last as well. To quote Luke Dane, “The 0nly way out now is in a body bag.”

Fast forwarding to a couple of weeks ago we purchased our first home. Short of a major promotion this will be our only home that we purchase as well. Full disclosure it was not our first attempt at purchasing our first home. That saga is a story for another time.

For the final first we have to rewind back to the tail end of January when my wife and I found out that we will be having our first child in September. This will not be our only child. Plans are to expand the clan out by at least 2 younglings.

When experiencing each of these first’s it was always a mixed feeling of sheer terror and boundless joy. Imagine Homer Simpson’s patented scream and “woo hoo” back to back if you will. I’m sure everyone that was or will be in my position can sympathize. Still trying to figure out how to “adult”, but soon will also have to figure out how to parent as well.

The Wife Section

So among my many new experiences of being a freshly minted husband is I can now shop in the wife section of the card store. Not that there was armed guards checking for my marriage certificate prior to that, but purchasing a “for my wife” card for my then girl friend/fiancée would have been a little weird.

Now it’s like oh shit, there’s entire extra section I now have to choose from. Made picking out a birthday card slightly easier. One of the small perks of being married.

None the less, Happy Birthday Dear.

She Said Yes

My fiancée said yes many moons ago, but every once in a while I have to remind her that she did. Ladies, remember when you are irritated or dumb founded by your other half that you said yes. We did give you an out and it’s long past it. Seriously though, we mean well just give us an extra second.

On the other side of this coin is the man who asked you to marry him. Believe on more than one occasion and sometimes daily we ask ourselves, “Did I really ask her?” Rest assured it passes as quickly as a muscle cramp does. We love you as much as the day we asked if not more.

For those of you in a same sex relationship or gender neutral one I think you can find the same sentiments apply to your relationship.