Choosing A Candidate

As the U.S. general election is right around the corner I would like everyone to keep something in mind. By what measuring stick do you judge the worthiness of the candidate(s) you are going to vote for? I am not narrowing the scope to any one particular race or political party here. (If you know me well enough you already know what my political choices are.)

What I am looking for here is more people to have a well informed opinion and get out there and voting. However, when choosing a candidate I would like people to have some sort of moral and ethical gage in which they are picking by other than I identify with this person because….

When I am trying to size up candidates to decide whom I will cast my ballot for I review the scout law and see how many of the of 12 points they match up to. To put a finer point on this the first law is trustworthy. If you as a candidate can’t pass muster on that one I don’t bother wasting my time with further research, and honestly, this goes for anyone I have to interact with.


Your Signature

I’m not really sure the average individual understands just how important ones signature is. By affixing it to anything you are marking your own personal mark that you agree to terms and conditions, accept the work, agree to pay, etc… There are a multitude of legal reasons to sign a document.

What bothers me is the nonchalant attitude people take with signing something. Although efforts have been made to reduce the amount of captured signatures I still a fair bit of them come through the pharmacy.

Let’s start with the obvious doctors signature. Most prescribers have switched to an e-scribe system of some kind, but due to legal requirements on certain medications a wet ink signature is still required and some doctors choosing to still be old school. Both of which I deal with, but if it looks like you took a seizure while signing is where the issue comes in. I shouldn’t have to put on my cryptographer hat to figure out a signature. Heaven help me if the whole script is written out in the same manner because most likely I’m going to end up on the phone and have the nurse apologizing to me.

I would say that I have a bigger beef with patients just willy nilly signing during pick up. I can appreciate the fact that you may be in a hurry, but let’s make sure that your signature actually looks like a signature. A series of loops or a simple squiggly line does not constitute. It just goes to show how lazy a person is and I have to question if they do other tasks and nonsensically as their signature.

To put a fine point on this I will point out that the U.S. Secretary of Treasury has one of the most important signatures. In case you haven’t examined a bill of any denomination ever all U.S. bills have a copy of the treasurers signature. A handwriting expert works with the secretary to make sure their signature is clear and legible. Why you may ask? BECAUSE THE SIGNATURE IS WHAT MAKES THE BILLS LEGAL U.S. TENDER.

Delivery Service

Many businesses have at home delivery anymore. This is great and fantastic for a variety of reasons, but is also promotes laziness to a certain extent. I’m not going to harp on that, but I do have a bone to pick with consumers.

If you are expecting a delivery of any kind make sure the sidewalk, walkway, path, etc… that leads to your home is in good order. To clarify that, I mean that it is clear of debris and can easily be navigated. This rings truer in the winter when snow and ice builds up.

Although we don’t currently offer delivery at my pharmacy I did a patient a solid and delivered a medication to them. However, when trying to reach the patients home the side walk and steps were covered in ice and the steps were broken for that matter. The porch was also in questionable shape. Had I slipped and fallen my guess is they wouldn’t have had homeowners insurance to cover themselves.

My final thought is about the mail carriers. I know these people have to slog it no matter what the conditions, but what the hell. I know businesses can refuse to deliver due to unsafe conditions, but from what I remember unless there is a direct threat to life they have to make the delivery. That’s some bullshit. I would like for our letter carriers to have the ability to identify lazy homeowners/landlords and have these people cited.

Frivoulos Lawsuits

There are many rules, laws, and regulations that govern how I perform my job at both of my places of employment. Most of them I agree with, but there a handful of things that I have run into over the years that don’t make sense, but because someone decided to not use common sense at some point there is now a rule on the books about it.

Many of the tags and warning labels that are put on a variety of things are the result of some lawsuit because someone decided not to use common sense and because they had a “good” lawyer got some money out of it. Let’s examine two lawsuits of public fame.

The more recent one where a gentlemen sued Applebee’s because he was burned by the hot oils crackling off of the skillet his food was cooked on. This happened because said person bent his head over to pray before eating. Again fine, but lets examine the abandonment of common sense. First off, if I’m going to bend my head over for any reason I’m going to make sure the space it is going into is going to be free of danger. Second when you go to a restaurant most of the time you are ordering food with the expectation that it be prepared fresh and served hot(temperature) if it is that type of dish.

Finally I call bullshit on the server not telling him to be careful that it was hot. I have yet to go to a restaurant and not have the person serving me food warn me when a plate is hot. Just to play devils advocate a little, in the instance the wait person neglected to tell him that the skillet was hot there were several warning signs it was hot. Knowledge that a skillet is used for cooking. The visual of steam rising from the skillet or the oil crackling and popping up from it. Also the noise made by the escaping steam and crackling of the oils.

I’m glad the higher court judges found in favor of Applebee’s. However, not all B.S. lawsuits are thrown out. In the next instance I would like to reference the spilled coffee incident involving McDonalds.

My memory is a little fuzzy on this one, but basically because the lid wasn’t secure on a cup of coffee the individual spilled coffee on themselves in their car. As a result of this all hot beverages must have a secure lid on them, which I agree with, but also the cups clearly must display that the beverage is potentially hot. This is nonsense.

Let’s start with the fact that if you order a coffee unless its an iced coffee the expectation is that it will be a hot beverage. Secondly I think it would be common place to double check if the lid is secure because the cup is squeezed a little in order to pass the beverage along to the consumer. Finally why is your attention being diverted from operating a motor vehicle.

Just to add a little icing on the cake I remembered one of the dumbest warning stickers I have ever seen. On coolers if you look on the inside of the lid you will notice a sticker. It warns against placing small people and children inside of them and shutting the lid because of the potential for them to become trapped and suffocate. I you or your child happen to go out like that all you did was prove Darwin correct.

A Scout is…..Reverent

The last of the Scout laws is reverence. The minimum expectation with this law is that a scout belongs to some religion, has some knowledge about the religion and could hold a discussion about it. Basically an expectation to attend services on a regular basis.

I understand and respect that some people choose to not participate in any religion. I know that national for whatever reason isn’t able to over look this fact, but as far as I’m concerned who cares. As long as the scouts that I help guide through their scouting experiences are understanding and respectful to all religious choices or lack there of, that’s good enough for me.

A Scout is….Clean

Part of being a human being is trying to  keep ones self as clean as possible. However, in scouting sometimes personal hygiene takes a back seat. If you’ve ever met a trail crew coming off the trail from a weeks worth of hard work you know exactly what I am talking about. Otherwise, yes, we do our best to be as clean as possible.

Personal Hygiene isn’t the only clean that is to be considered when addressing this part of the scout law. There’s also a mental cleanliness that does need to be considered. To water this down and to avoid any arguments what I am basically saying is that a scout knows the difference between right and wrong and does their best to walk the path of the straight and narrow.

A Scout is….Brave

When a scout is called upon to be brave it is much more than just being courageous and steeling ones self in a dangerous situation. Training for rock climbing or survival style camping can be done over time and the fear associated with it can be overcome.What I am talking about here is having the courage and tenacity to try something new.

To quote the great Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots your never take.” I must have parroted that or something similar a million times to a number of scouts. Trying to get an adult to understand that trying and possibly failing at something is ok, let alone someone who is in their adolescence. That will always be a hurdle to jump over in scouting.

Another aspect of being brave is sometimes having to stand up for yourself. The obvious situation would be in the instance where you are dealing with a bully. Sometimes people will challenge a persons beliefs and ideals or just your point of view really and that’s where you will sometimes stand your ground and defend yourself. To quote Rocky, “What’s so crazy about standing toe-to-toe with someone saying “I am”?”.