A Scout is….Kind.

Alright let’s get the train back on the tracks and get the scout law finished. In an effort to not completely derail my other thoughts there might be two posts a day just to keep my brain from exploding with the other thoughts I have running around in it.

The culmination of the parts of the scout law discussed so far will lead to a kind person/scout in general. What separates the scout from the average person what we do with anger.

Let’s be honest if you are human you have emotions and anger is one of them. A scout does get angry or upset for a variety of things, but does his/her best to not let them impact what they are doing and genuinely stays in an upbeat happy mood. The only thing more infections than Ebola is an upbeat positive attitude.

One of things I was taught is to take the negative I am feeling and find a way to turn it into a positive. It may be anger or frustration that I need to vent via exercise or some sadness that I am experiencing and I will look for a task to complete to distract myself more or less.