Tony Stark aka Iron Man

So after much self debate I have come to the conclusion that Iron Man is by far the best Avenger. I think he makes it quit clear with the line “billionaire, playboy, philanthropist”. Now take into account the variety of power armors at his disposal and I think my argument is made.

I understand that there limitations set in and of the fact that he is still only just human and even the armors themselves have power/stress limitations. So be it. Everyone needs to know where to draw the line and then figure how to push that line to the breaking point.

Now, I’m sure I could debate this with any fan of any other hero until the end of times. I might be willing to do so given enough time and the right setting. Rest assured though, you wont change my mind.

Everyone has a price…….Everyone

Ill kick this one off with a quote from Tony Stark, ” I don’t trust a guy without a dark side.” To expand on that it is my belief that everyone has a little evil in them or at least the potential to be/ do so. ( I also believe that Dr. Bruce Banner and the Hulk also help prove that.) There is no one who is inherently 100% good. Not even the Pope himself. It is by that rational that I can say without question that everyone has a price.

Not everyone’s price is the same. It changes as we progress through life based on the path we have chosen to walk and the experiences we have gained along the way. Not everyone’s price is a monetary amount or something that is tangible for that matter. Some people have the bar set so low they can’t help, but trip over it while others have theirs set at an unreachable plateau that they can never be bought off… least not in this plane of existence.

I have a fairly good idea of what my price is. In the past I have had the opportunity to have that price satisfied. However, I was not willing to sacrifice certain things in order to have that price satisfied. At the end of the day I probably have a price that is higher than most. Much like Tony I wont trust a guy without a dark side either. Failure to acknowledge the possibility that one may have done wrong in the past or could potentially even if inadvertently do wrong in the future.

If you haven’t figured it out by now I love the Avengers. Age of Ultron was frikin amazing. Get used to the quotes.