So the yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo is happening yet again. I am very excited for all the new games and advancements within the industry to happen late this year and early next year. You’ll have to excuse my lack depth and general complaining.

Vidyeah games are one of the few things that I enjoy almost to the point of it being considered a vice. I will refrain from fan boying hardcore on anyone game or system. To each their own, game on people.


Core System Failure

For almost four days now one of the core systems for the Xbox 360 gaming platform has been offline now. The system starts up and loads all program like normal, I can even get the game to launch, but when it comes to connecting to the multiplayer section of any game it immediately disconnects and all sorts of error codes occur and the trouble shooting system starts up.

I can understand the delay to service restoration due to the observation of Memorial Day, but here we are heading into day five and they still don’t have their shit together. I’m not even going to pretend to even understand the complexities of how all these systems are integrated and choreographed to work in harmony together. However, when you are a multibillion dollar company and are supposed to have some of the worlds best computer technologists working for you we have surpassed the point of understanding.

72 hours is my absolute limit on critical systems shut down or failures. Unless there are extenuating circumstances such as a natural disaster or occupational forces from North Korea have taken over there really isn’t an excuse. I am confident that gamers will be compensated with reimbursement in terms of free “gold” level online gaming access, but I could care less. As I progress further into writing the next chapters of my life’s saga I have less and less time for gaming. When I am denied access for the time I can dedicate to gaming it becomes really……..not really sure how to describe it….disappointing is the word I will use, but it does not describe what I feel.