Work Footwear

When I buy a pair of sneakers for working in the pharmacy I tend to drop a few extra sheckles on them for both comfort and performance. I will be in them a minimum of 7 hours a shift. I also resign myself to the fact that they will most likely start falling apart within 8 months. I’m going to be honest with you. If you work foot wear doesn’t do the same thing you, you either have a cushy job or your not working hard enough.

However I’m not going to replace my footwear on a yearly basis. Just from a budgetary stand point its not feasible. At the minimum I require two years of service from my work kicks before I can even think of retiring them and relegating them to house knock arounds or yard work status.

Since starting college I have learned to repair my footwear as needed. Sometimes it’s a simple glue job while other times it requires some stitching. Luckily, this time it was just a glue job in most spots to get some of the loose pieces back together. Once that was accomplished I noticed an increase in support as well so I most likely strengthened them in some fashion.

The sneakers started breaking down a while ago, but the prognosis at this point is that I’ve probably got at least another 6 months of consistent use on them providing no major failures.

A Shoe Obsession

Ladies grab a knee. Most of ya’ll have an obsession with footwear. Sometimes its just a crazy desire to have every color flip flop under the sun other times its to have something to match every outfit you own. I understand your points of view to a point, but when there needs to be a special closet just for your shoes or when one whole bag for vacation is nothing, but footwear you have a problem.

Luckily for me my fiancée has her shoe obsession  reined in. Where as some other females I know need some help. I won’t name names, but you know who you are.

To finish I will dispense some sagely advice. One of things you should invest some money in when purchasing is any kind of footwear. They are going to be protecting your feet and provding some support to help with proper walking and standing. Everyone should own the following at the minium:

A. Boots

B. Sneakers (2 Pairs)

C. Slippers

D. Dress Shoes ( 2 pairs: one black & one brown)

E. Sandals

F. Flip Flops

Please note that this is what I personally believe every person should own at the bare minimum to keep their feet protected and allow for easy walking in most situations. Obviously the list could be augmented based on job choice and the area that you live in.