Can I Get Beer Flavored Beer?

Can we please stop fucking around with flavoring everything, especially beer. I get that there are different kinds of beer’s IPA’s, stouts, porters, etc… However, I will not stand for flavored beers.

I have tried several of the fruit flavored beers, chocolate, and the biggest sin of all….the coffee flavored beer. At no point in time did I think that any of them were something I would be willing to try again and/or drink on a regular basis. All you beer connoisseurs go stand in the corner of the bar as far away from me as possible. Normally I would have you all dragged to the nearest public squares strung up from the yard arms and flogged, but I better things to spend my time and energy on.

I’m gonna link Dr. Dennis Leary’s bit about flavored coffee’s here to further illustrate my point.

Dennis Leary Coffee Bit