Planning A Wedding

Planning my upcoming nuptials has been a rollercoaster of a ride. Not exactly backwards inverted corkscrews, but a couple of G’s are being bulled on the dives. The one thing I can take away from the experience thus far is to give yourself plenty of time and look at ALL of your options.

When I first proposed to my fiancée we thought about trying to put the wedding together for the June wedding she wanted. It would have given us a little under 10 months to get it together. After realizing all that would need to be accomplished in the short amount of time and a certain key member of the wedding party being out of country until a few months before hand that thought was quickly nixed.

For those of you who are forced to or think planning a wedding in under a year is doable…. good luck. Personally, I think you are higher that a kite in a wind storm, but have at it. I know people have done so , but the amount of stress involved can be crippling. Unless you have the assistance of a wedding planner I seriously caution against it.

Let me be frank and point out that you and your significant other will fight over what is most likely really stupid stuff. This is one of those “believe me I know” moments. The way I have minimized this at least from my hetero males perspective is to help make decisions, but remain minimally involved. To that effect I have said “honey if that’s what you want then that’s what it shall be.”, or something to that effect. Otherwise I have had the future Mrs. narrow it down to at least three choices and hash it out from there. See people almost 30 years old at this point and standardized test taking skills are still relevant. I can count the number of times on one hand where I have said, “I want this.”, and when I have I pretty much got my way because it truly was a small ask on my part.

At this point in the game we have all our major items checked off. We took our time and shopped around for the best price, but once we found what we wanted we jumped on it like a couple of rabid wolverines. Seriously people, make a game and start checking off things on your list as quickly as possible. I promise it will mitigate the stress and reduce the nonsense fighting. Getting things nailed down early minimizes the room for error, but does allow for it to happen when it is a non-issue and easy to fix.