Drivers Liscense Retest

Aside from a freshly minted driver and discounting the obvious dangers there are when you intoxicated or texting while driving I would say the next most dangerous group driving are the elderly. Before anyone decides to get high and mighty on me and start throwing he ageist term around hear me out.

Every time I have to go anywhere further than a mile from my home I will come across a senior driver whom for whatever reason drift from side to side of their lane. Now, I know that any vehicle will just by the nature of physics drift a little, but these said drives are drifting feet not inches. What’s worse is sometimes its into the emergency shoulder, the next lane, or worse yet opposing lane of traffic. They will correct quickly, but there will come a time where that’s a day late and a dollar short.

It is a fact of life that as we age even with preventative exercise and vitamins your reaction speed will diminish. Which is why I want the elderly retested when they have to renew their license’s every so many years. I am aware that peoples doctors can revoke their licenses for a variety of medical reasons, but physicians are more empts to hand out a handicapped tag before they’ll revoke or suspend someone’s license.

I can dig up plenty of newspaper articles to back my logic and I have a few personal experiences with older family members to back me up as well. I know a lot of people will point out that driving is sometimes seniors only form of independence left but I will ask if their life or another’s life is really worth the potential accident they could create. I will also hold my maternal grandfather up as a shining example of the ideal situation. As he aged he realized that his reaction time was slowing and even with the aid of glasses eye sight was diminishing. So as time went on he would restrict when and where he would drive. Finally one day he would stop driving altogether. Never asked him to surrender his license, just knew it was a good idea to drive unless there was no other choice.

Holiday Decorations

While taking my daily constitutional (walk) I noticed that a few people still had Christmas decorations still adorning their houses. I’ve also noticed in the past people leave Halloween decorations up a little too long, but whatever. I understand that some people will leave Christmas decorations up until almost the end of January to celebrate “Russian” or Orthodox Christmas. This is all fine and dandy, but there is a limit.

We are past St. Patrick’s and heading towards spring solstice. All decorations should be removed no later than 2 weeks after celebrating the final day of the holiday. That’s 14 days there and it includes 2 separate weekends to work on it. After that point your house just looks ridiculous because everyone else got with the program.

Please don’t tell me it’s because the weather is bad. Dress yourself weather appropriate and get on it. I also don’t give exception to the elderly either.

My grandfather put  up and then took down his own decorations. And when he couldn’t do it all himself anymore he scheduled time with myself, my sister, my mother, my uncle, or one of my cousins. If a family member isn’t an option find a trustworthy neighborhood youth and offer up 20 bucks and some lunch for a few hours worth of work.