The Cost of Doing Business

With every business there are expenses one incurs. In most instances expenses go up over time occasionally they do go down but on the rare side i would tend to think. This evening I ran head long into an increased expense on a business that was passed directly on to the consumer.

Upon returning to a restaurant that I had been to previously I noticed a sign that stated ” 3% will be charged on every dollar for all credit transactions.” I was then enlightened that this was becoming a common business practice because credit companies were charging more on credit transactions. I get that this cost needs to be set off somehow, but a blatant charge on top of all the other costs and taxes I am already going to pay I don’t find acceptable.

Please don’t tell me that I must pay a fee in order to patronize your business. I literally felt like I was being punished for choosing to use a card to pay. Do what everyone else does. Slightly increase the cost of your goods or if you a large enough bottom line absorb the cost of it.

Delayed Gratificaton

Today while eating lunch I treated myself to some chocolate milk as my beverage and was inspired. Even after I have consumed all of the beverage there will be residue of the milk covering my cup on most sides. If I just let it sit for a minute or two it will run down to the bottom and enough will normally collect for one last hit of chocolaty goodness. (I may have a chocolate milk problem, but THERE WILL BE NO JUDGING HERE.)

I used this simple example to express a greater point of the need for delayed gratification. The society in which a chunk of the worlds population lives in expects immediate gratification. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances in which  don’t allow for that with safety, rate of use, and technological ability being at the top of the list.

Let me hit you with a couple more examples.

When teaching, especially younger students, sometimes the drive to get the answer correct is so great that it skews the learning process. There is the occasional student that just looks at something or just needs a basic gist of a concept and just like flicking the light switch to on gets it. Except for when they don’t and then it turns into an epic fight. Sorry kids, not everything will be that easy. As concepts get more abstract or if its designed to make a learning stretch not everything will be easy. You will have to learn to go through the motions.

At the pharmacy the classic example is. “I need this now”. Great, fantastic, its still going to take us 15 minutes because of other patients, safety checks, and filling protocol. There is  no such thing as slapping a label on it and giving it to you even though in the filling process that may be all we are doing. My favorite is the patient who hands us the prescription that is dated from three weeks ago and needs it now because they have a procedure in 30 minutes.

I think mentioning financial instant gratification is worth mentioning. The ability to get a credit card is extremely easy as long as you don’t mind paying a ridiculous APR .( Shop the credit companies people. No sense in getting hosed anymore than necessary.) We are long removed from the “If you don’t have the cash then you can’t get it society”. I have seen people put themselves in finical ruin with credit cards and loans for shit they should not have purchased. I can also give you several examples of how people have established an excellent credit rating with appropriate use of credit cards, myself included.

My ultimate message here is to learn to take that extra minute. Sometimes the reward is a little extra sweet.