Clothes Shopping.

I can surmise my thoughts on clothes shopping in a singe word. I loathe it. Not hate, but loathe. It is such a giant pain in the ass. If I could just purchase everything online and have it shipped I would, but alas that is not an option for me.

I am a big dude and am always working on keeping my weight under control. As a result of this I don’t always stay in a normal size range. I float somewhere between husky and just into the big and tall sections. That withstanding I always manage to find clothes that will last me quit some time. My big grip is shopping for button down shirts.

I hate wasting time having to try clothes on, but button down shirts are an even bigger pain in the ass. I don’t understand that need to have the shirt fully buttoned. Two buttons are all that need to be used to hold a shirt together for display. Anything else is a waste of time. Someone get my congress on the blower I’m sure I could get some regulation passed cause everyone knows we have enough on the books already.