Appropriate Cold Weather Dress

As we head further into winter and slowly inch into colder weather let me break down a few things. To be honest here, it saddens me that I have to spell any of this out, but since I haven’t figured out how to bottle common sense and sell it I’ll break it down.

Dress in layers for starters. Indoors or outdoors you should dress in layers. That way as the temperature fluctuates throughout the day you can remove or add to help regulate body temperature and keep yourself at a comfortably warm temperature and also keep yourself from any unnecessary sweating. One of the quickest ways to become cold is to have moisture of any kind on your skin or soaked into your clothing and sweating will do just that. Here’s a clutch tip from scouting. Always have an extra pair socks at hand.

Speaking of socks, can someone explain to me socks with crocs or sandals? If you are one of those people that thinks this is an ok fashion choice I hope you roll an ankle. (Side note: if you allow your signification other to walk out in public dressed as such it’s time to re-evaluate the relationship.) As for that being your excuse that allows you to wear them in colder weather that makes you an even bigger idiot. Please don’t send me links showing these new “outdoor socks” either. They are garbage and as I stated before. Moisture will be your undoing.

Let me pontificate on one more point. Ladies, if you are going to wear a skirt in cold weather so be it. Your dress choice is your own, but I beg of you some common sense please. Get the thick thermal tights. Helps retain body heat better. Props to my wife on that one. (Honestly hate hearing about how cold someone is and then realizing underdressed they are. I have no sympathy for self inflected problems.) secondly if you opt for the mini/micro skirt there’s no a pair of thermal tights that are going to help you but me thinks that if that was go to choice I doubt tights of any kind were a thought.

I could go on about other proper cold weather attire for hours but since I have better thoughts to get down I’ll stop here. These are just some general thoughts I have and the two most egresses problems I have noticed since the temperatures have started dropping.

Phone Cords

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone March 7th, 1876. That means the phone has been in existence for a little over 139 years. I think that I can safely say that the phone cord has also existed just as long.

What I can’t figure out is that why in all this time have we not figured out a phone cord that doesn’t turn into a tangled mess after a few weeks worth of use. We are literally knocking on the door of putting the first humans on Mars and I have to deal with shitty tangled phone cords constantly. It boggles the mind.

For those of you who will point out that there are retractable phone cords you can file that some where between no shit and no duh. They are actually worse than regular phone cords. Either the base or the phone cord connection pulls apart or the reel breaks within a few weeks. Haven’t found one yet that can withstand the abuse.

Ultimately, that is the problem. They are just cheap pieces of chunk made in the peoples republic, but in the world of pharmacy where a phone is essentially an extra appendage I think someone in the industry would have figured out either a really durable cord by now or a hand set the uses a blue tooth signal with a quick charge durable battery.

Someone get DARPA, NASA, Apple, and Microsoft on a conference call so we can hash this one out.

Putt Putt Bang Bang Cough Sputter

If your vehicle makes any of those noises on a regular basis please seek the assistance of a mechanic ASAP.

There are three things in life in which in order to have some bare minimum of comfort throughout the day I suggest investing a little more money than usual in.

1. Shoes/sneakers/boots

2. Mattress

3. Vehicle

Ill lecture more on 1 and 2 another time. For today I wish to focus on 3.

I don’t care if you purchase a shit box of a vehicle to start with, but I expect it to be cleaned up and fixed a little bit. If you can’t accomplish this or can’t maintain a vehicle over time sell it and take the bus.

While traveling home today I witnessed a black Jetta pass me with a really nice set of tires. (How nice you ask? Well after Googling the make and partial type number I saw and consulting with a car enthusiast friend I found out they were $400 per tire.) However, that was the only nice part of the car. Please don’t get me wrong, always invest in a good set of tires, but if the cost of the set is more than the value of the rest of the vehicle……you done fucked up.

Although the muffler was attached and in good working order the final two feet of pipe sticking out was actually steam pipe with the emergency release cap still attached. The paint, clearly failing in several spots. The front bumper was a sight to see. It was being held on by bungee cords, zip ties, duct tape, and what I am pretty sure was a hanger. When I looked inside the vehicle the rear passenger seat was missing and I’m fairly certain that a majority of the passenger side dashboard was gone as well.

Although none of that constitutes any real safety issues I fairly certain it would not pass muster at inspection. How this person isn’t embarrassed by said vehicle either.

That Favorite Old T-Shirt

I’m pretty sure that most people have that favorite old beat up t-shirt. When it comes to me I happen to have several shirts that I find to fit without issue and are always comfy. However, most of these shirts are starting to reach the end of their life. If my fiancée, mother, and sister have anything to say about it they would put them all in a box, dowse it in gasoline, and light it on fire. I have also threatened life and limb so they are being left alone for now.

These shirts I speak of are from previous boy scout summer camps as a youth. There is some sentimental value attached to them as well as fit and comfort.

The shirts are actually in pretty rough shape or worse. Most of the seam threads are giving or haven already disintegrated. Some of them look like I took a couple of rounds of bird shot as well. Realistically I probably should get rid of them, but until they basically fall of my  body I will continue to wear the bejezuz out of them.

Airsoft: Comfort Part II

Time to get back to some airsoft talk. I last left off my thoughts about comfort at the waist so lets continue moving up the body. So looking at the torso area you have a few basic options.

1. Plate carrier.

2. Chest Rig.

3. Zip Front Vest

Again depending on the role you are fulfilling will dictate your choice. I started with a vest, but ended up with switching to a plate carrier because of the greater coverage area it give in providing an extra layer to protect against bb hits, but also for greater pouch customization.

Moving out to the arms some people like to use full or partial arm guards. I haven’t found a reason to use them, but it depends on the look your are going for and the protection you want. Elbow pads are another consideration. In the roles I normally play in I don’t really have a need for them, but if you find yourself in the prone position a lot it is something to think about. Finally your hands. This is a safety issue as much as it is a comfort issue, but I strongly suggest some sort of gloves. The amount of suckage when getting hit in the fingers with a round is right up there with hitting your funny bone. Also, if it is an outdoors op there is temperature to consider as well.

Moving up to the neck. I have yet to see someone actually wear a neck guard, but from my time as a hockey goalie I felt it wise to include. Otherwise one of the best items I have found to wear is a shemagh. It provides protection for your neck, wicks away some of your sweat, can help keep the wire for your coms out of the way, and helps maintain body heat in colder environments.

Just a reminder that goggles are a must just find the pair that works best for you. Also, another reminder is that although not a requirement I highly suggest this piece of equipment. Although they normally aren’t all that comfortable, yes I am aware we are taking about comfort here, it can be adapted so that it is comfortable.

Finally the top of your head. There are a cajillian different options here from nothing at all to full on riot helmet. It all depends on the role your are playing or look you are trying to mimic, but my suggestion is to wear something. It’ll provide some help to protect against impacts and in colder environments help maintain body heat and wick away sweat.

Airsoft: Comfort

Alright so what I consider the second thing to consider when putting your airsoft kit together is comfort. Some of this will also play into safety as well.

Let’s start from the ground and work our way up. One thing to remember is for every piece of gear you choose that’s the weight you are going to have to carry. With that in mind let start with the feet.

Socks…….wear them. Make sure the sock will cover the same area the boot is. Wearing ankle socks with boots that come up high on your shin is asking for some rub burn issues. I also recommend wearing socks with extra padding on the feet soul area. I find it cuts down on fatigue, add foot comfort, and reduces end of op pain.

Boots…..wear them. There are many safety reasons to wear them, but comfort is key as well. You will be running around in them for 5 or more hours based on the op. Please remember to break them in. One optional thing for the boots may be inserts of some kind.

Moving up the leg lets look at the shin to knee area. I like to wear just knee pads mostly to save my knees some wear and tear, but also to save my pants some wear and tear as well. If you opt for the combat pants with knee inserts you need to accept the fact that the fabric holding the inserts in place will eventually break apart. Some people like to wear shin protectors along with knee pads. It honestly comes down to your role choice and how aggressive a player you are.

Continuing up to the waist area. Regardless of the role you chose to play I strongly suggest wearing some sort regular belt of suspenders to help hold your pants up. You will be moving around a lot and they will loosen up. I can also suggest a battle belt of some kind on top of it. Even if it’s just another belt to further help hold your pants up. Depending on your role and kit choice you might also find yourself putting pouches, side arm holsters, extra mag holders, etc… on it.

Although I don’t personally use one I have run across a player or two that have chosen to wear some protection over their sensitive neather regions. I see this as more of a safety option, but whatever helps you feel more comfortable while playing is always a plus to me.

After some thought comfort is going to have to be split into two posts. Too many thoughts to share and I only made it to the waist area.


One of my hobbies that I enjoy is Airsoft aka BB Warz. It has something I have participated in since I was about 16. I could go on about how awesome it, but I think I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. This is mostly some sage advice for newbies looking to get into the sport.

There are 3 things to consider when picking out your equipment “kit”.

1. Safety

2. Comfort

3. Performance

In that order. I’ll break each one down in my next couple of posts. I’m not expecting everyone to be on the same page as me here, but I have found following these guidelines has worked best for me.