The End of An Era???

So this is the first Christmas since I was born that I didn’t receive a Hess truck. If you people don’t know what I’m talking about google that shit. Yes, since 1986 I have received a Hess truck as a Christmas gift and your damn straight I played with it every year too. Don’t care if I’m knocking on the door of 30.

It kind of is my own fault. Hess petrol had sold of their remaining gas stations so you would no longer be able to even take a quick hours drive and purchase one anymore. I told my family members not to worry about it that I would watch online and purchase one myself when they became available. And watch I did.

At first it was going to be an online purchase only. Then they also did kiosks in a handful of malls. (The closet one was about a 3 hour drive. BULLSHIT ON THAT!) So I figured I’d wait until they day after they became available online. Do the smart thing and give it a day because I knew their servers would crash from all the orders. Well it was a spectacular crash because those things stayed down for up to a week.

To add insult to injury once the servers came back online to prevent it from happening again they put everyone in a virtual line and you would be emailed when you were eligible to order yours. At that point in the game I decided to tap out because I figured it would only end in disappointment and I could always just order one after the new year. I would be wrong.

Hess has decided to not put a second post season batch into production. I will inevitably have to be price gouged by someone to continue my collection. (Haven’t decided on weather or not I will yet, but most likely nostalgia will take ahold of me at some point or another.) I honestly had not expected to pay ridiculous prices for Hess truck until I decided to start working backwards from where my family started me off all those years ago.

Otherwise I had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas celebration over the last couple of days and look forward to another well deserved day off tomorrow. Hope everyone had or will have an enjoyable holiday season.


Tis the Season

No, no it isn’t. The pharmacy I work at has begun the process of bringing the Christmas items out for display and sale. I like Christmas about as much as the next person, but we need to put the brakes on the early start to holiday seasons. The first frost hasn’t even hit yet and corporate is going to start shoving Christmas down everyone’s throat. Before I dive head deep into this issue let’s rewind the year a bit.

About a week after the fourth of July back to school stuff started popping up everywhere. The kids are barely out of school a month and we are going to remind them its right around the corner. I could see that going well.

I never really took a lot of notice to it before, but after having more than a decades experience working in a retail pharmacy setting I have picked up on the store fronts trend to kick off “seasons” earlier each year. Let me illustrate my point further, as soon as the initial back to school items had cleared the shelves Christmas items arrive with the replenishment order. I’m all for being prepped for future events, but that stuff could have sat in the warehouse until later this year.

The early start nonsense really does need to stop or just be adjusted to a more reasonable time of the year. The frenzy for Christmas some people experience is truly mind boggling sometimes and having it appear early doesn’t help.

I’m not trying to throw Christmas under the bus here, but due to corporation’s desire to squeeze every last penny out of people during this time of year it becomes the biggest offender. Just for sanity’s sake lets worry about the holiday that’s going to happen in a couple of weeks rather than a couple of months.

C&E Catholics

If your not familiar with the term I am talking about Christmas and Easter Catholics and honestly some people only come around for the C. If this is the extent as to which you are willing to participate in the religion that’s fine, but when you show up to mass make sure you are able to stay for the whole service or don’t bother coming at all.

I am not going to explain the entirety of how a normal mass goes, but will fast forward to the last 10 minutes or so. After communion is given (the holy wafer aka snack time aka host body, etc…), anything remaining is returned to the tabernacle, a minute or two of silent reflection, a closing blessing, and maybe some closing remarks from the padre. This honestly doesn’t take all that long. Sometimes when the house is packed much like tonight was the distribution of the communion will take some time, but most churches have done the math and put some extra Eucharistic Ministers on the floor to help.

To the people who are choosing to leave right after they receive communion. At best you are being mildly distracting because we have to hear the doors of the church opening and closing, but it is more than that. YOU ARE BEING RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL. There is a beginning and end of the mass that is clearly defined. A few more minutes of your time is not going to be the end of the world. I’m sorry to be that guy, but even though I am not as dedicated a Catholic as some members of my family would like me to be I make sure that I stay for the whole mass start to finish.