Waiting In Line

There are a lot of things I will wait in line for. The bathroom, midnight showing of a movie, medication if  needed bad enough. However, waiting in line for a toy doesn’t even crack my top 100 reasons to wait in line. Don’t get me wrong I have waited in line for a midnight release of a video game back in the day, but that was for myself and I promptly went to bed when I got home shortly after midnight. I also don’t think it equates to what I witnessed earlier this evening.

While shopping for a toy for my friends son for Christmas I decided to head to the local big box toy store with my wife. There happened to be a short line formed outside. I thought that to be really odd as we are well past black Friday at this point and there wasn’t some hot toy making headlines on the daily news as there had been in years past.

Apparently I would be wrong in this instance. The cashier enlightened us that the people in the line outside were waiting for a “Hatchimal”. To help clarify for those confused by that word the closet thing I could come up with is a Furby in an egg. I guess it’s nice to see that there are parents out there who think enough of their children to wait in line through the night in 30 degree weather to get that special toy of the year for them.

I will not be one of those parents. (I say this now and that may change between now and then, but I’m going to draw the line in the sand any way.) This will be one of the few times in my future child(rens) life that they may be to actually throw me under the bus when talking to their therapist. I will place the need for sleep and the comfort of my own bed over the need for this years hot new toy which will most likely be broken or lost by the time we are looking to see if the groundhog sees his shadow.

I Forgot my Kid in the Car

While watching the evening news one of the stories was about a father leaving his 1 year old in his SUV and then catching the train to work not realizing his mistake until he arrived at work only to rush back on the next train. He did have the good sense to call 911 and get the police and EMS on scene immeditaly. He stated that he has a very repetitive morning routine and was on “autopilot”.


Good on him for admitting his mistake and taking quick and timely steps to advert would could have quickly become a much worse news story, but I’m not giving this guy a pass. If he was truly on “autopilot” as he states then his youngest would have been dropped off at daycare as normal despite the fact that his child was being quiet and sleeping.

Now, I don’t have children so most people will say to me “you don’t understand or you don’t get it”. Bullshit. I have plenty of examples around me that dictate otherwise. I cannot name one time that my parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles have forgotten us or their own children somewhere. I also have plenty of friends and coworkers who have never done this with their kids either.

At the end of the news segment they showed different methods and technology to help parents avoid this. Again, bullshit on all of it. Act like the responsible adult you are supposed to be. I do agree that people forget things once in a while, but a child who cannot fend for themselves is not on the ok list.