Lunch Time

During my day of kicking ass and taking names I must take a respite and at the minimum rest for a bit. By the standard definition my lunch break is only 30 minutes long. While on my lunch break I will normally eat, but occasionally I won’t feel the need to feed and just take a nap in my vehicle.

In either instance when on my lunch break I wish to be left alone. I don’t want anyone joining me, I don’t want to converse on my phone either. It is normally one of the few times in a day where I can be left to my own devices and honestly just turn my brain off for a bit. At most I will put my ear buds in and listen to one of the podcasts that I like.

Seriously people, don’t poke the bear on this one. If you want me to be a more productive employee don’t ask me to do anything during my lunch and if you want a more pleasurable after work social experience don’t even think about communicating with text or otherwise. It also stands to reason that if it is an emergency please by all means page me on the intercom or blow my cell phone up with texts and calls.