Grammar Police

Normally I would just let this slide, but as an increasing number of people are feeling compelled to correct my grammar, punctuation, and or spelling on my personal social media. Let me spell it out real simple like for you “hero’s” of the written word. Stop it. You are not my teacher, boss, or mother.

When I am posting on my personal social media accounts I have no one to answer to other than myself. When I type a post I have little to no concern about how I spell or the punctuation I use and that’s assuming I use it. Most of the time I’m half-assing some random thought or just venting in general and have 30 seconds to throw a thought together.

If it’s some sort of email being shared among the pharmacies or going up the chain with corporate or a document that I am preparing for one of my classes that is vastly different. You are damn Skippy I will double check my spelling, make sure that I use correct word choice, and that I have correctly placed commas and periods.

This BLOG is meant to help express my own ad nauseam’s  and to a certain extent I don’t double check everything I do here. The caveat being is that since I am pushing this content out into the ether that is the internet and  I am looking to entertain and somewhat inform I try and get it together. If I am going to try and inform, persuade, or entertain I figure I had at least get it together enough so that I only look/sound like a second rate hack. Try and keep it a little classy.

Let me put a fine point on this. If what I type on my personal social media account bothers you that much because I fail to correct anything pertaining to spelling or grammar unfriend me right now. I could care less. The fact that you had to take the time and point it out speaks volumes about you. I could pontificate further about that, but since I value sleep Ill  leave it at this. Every time you bother to point my error out I respect you that much less.

Interrupted Service

I apologize for the infrequences lately of my BLOG, but life happens. If you have figured it out by now I am in the process of putting together my wedding. Although most things are arranged and falling into to place nicely there is still lots to get done and finalized.

My fiancée and myself are also looking for our first home. Although we are just starting out in this process it is taking up more of our time as well. Let’s see…what else.

Although my company has already started the process of  preparing for the pending flu season mid July, August is when we begin the actual push into the vaccination season. We are also transitioning through a rebranding process of sorts.

Other miscellenaous things have been poping up as well so that will throw a wrench into the works. However, long work days in general tend to put a damper on me firing up the writing centers of my brain and getting something on here. Occasionally you can notice from my ranting’s when my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders. I was also feeling uninspired as of late, but I have some fresh ideas written down and as we head into flu season that will change as well.

Paper & Pen

I have returned. (Insert Welcome Back Kotter here.) Let’s get down to brass tacks.

While at camp I did not have access to a computer. However, I did not let that deter me from getting down some thoughts on paper for Blogging. I even took the time to write a few out on the legal pad I brought with me. Wasn’t sure if the words I had written would make it here, but I think for the most part they will.

Granted I am no stranger to paper and pen, but it was a little odd when it was my only option to write on. Had to fight off some of my old college note taking habits. I had bet myself that my spelling error rate would be higher without the assistance of autocorrect or spellcheck. So far I have been wrong, but I have yet to type out my other hand written BLOGS yet so we shall see.

Here’s to getting back to the grind.