Share The Road

When I am driving any vehicle I willingly share the road with any other motorist. Don’t care what you are driving as long as it is a mechanized (has an engine) vehicle. However, what I won’t tolerate is a bicyclist expecting the same treatment. I understand that most states/counties have “share the road” laws making anyone on a pedal bicycle supposedly equivalent to a motor vehicle, but honestly I don’t agree with that assessment.

When you are on a bicycle you are not able to maintain anywhere near the speed a motor vehicle can and maneuver ability is questionable. Visual acquisition is also sometimes sketchy even with reflectors and brightly colored clothing. At night is actually much worse. Which brings me to my story.

The other evening when I was commuting home from work I came upon slow moving traffic. Everyone in the traveling lane is trying to merge into the passing lane so as to get around someone slow moving. I thought it was just one of the municipalities moving their front end loaders to another work site for the next day. Most of them have the for site to move their heavy equipment during the late evening so as to minimalize the disruption of traffic. Being as there is a constant flow of traffic in the passing lane I have to wait my turn to move over.

When I finally get to move around other vehicles I find that its a lone bicyclist causing the traffic issue. Instead or using the sidewalks or moving to the side of the road to allow traffic to pass easier she decides to ride the center of the lane holding up traffic. Granted the law says she is allowed to ride in the middle of the lane and be granted the same clearance and space as any other road vehicle I honestly just don’t care. A bicycle is not equivalent to any truck, car, or motorcycle. Shit its not even equivalent to Vespa scooter.

When on a bike trek with my boy scout troop we always try and stay off roadways unless absolutely necessary. And when we are on the streets we maintain a single file line as far to the side as possible so vehicles can quickly and safely maneuver past us.