The Force Is Strong With This One

So once again the fiancée has left me to my own devices again this weekend. (YEEAAAAHHHH PAAAARRRRTTYYY). No not really. Worst case scenario I hit the airsoft arena for an all day session followed by sitting at a friends house till the wee hours of the morning shooting the shit and having a couple of cold ones. I know….a real ragger.

However, instead of fighting with her not to bring me something home I relented. ONLY because she sent me a picture of the make your own light saber stand in the place she was shopping. Needless to say with zero objection from her and some help from my future brother in-law a custom light saber will be in my position in a few short days.  (Squeeee.) (Yes, I am knocking on the door of 30 and no I don’t give a shit what you think of me. It’s the Wars bro and that’s all you need to know.)

Gentlemen please take note here. If you find a woman who is willing to put up with you AND WILLINGLY BUYS YOU A CUSTOM LIGHTSABER. SPRINT your ass to nearest jewelry store and buy an engagement ring. I’m more than certain you won’t find anyone better.

Can I Get Beer Flavored Beer?

Can we please stop fucking around with flavoring everything, especially beer. I get that there are different kinds of beer’s IPA’s, stouts, porters, etc… However, I will not stand for flavored beers.

I have tried several of the fruit flavored beers, chocolate, and the biggest sin of all….the coffee flavored beer. At no point in time did I think that any of them were something I would be willing to try again and/or drink on a regular basis. All you beer connoisseurs go stand in the corner of the bar as far away from me as possible. Normally I would have you all dragged to the nearest public squares strung up from the yard arms and flogged, but I better things to spend my time and energy on.

I’m gonna link Dr. Dennis Leary’s bit about flavored coffee’s here to further illustrate my point.

Dennis Leary Coffee Bit

Enjoying a Cold One

Ladies and Gents,

At the end of a long hard day of kicking ass and taking while chewing bubble gum, I occasionally like to end my day with a brewski. My beverage of choice this evening is the Blue Moon Belgian White. After a 10 hour shift in the pharmacy and another 3 hours at the circus I believe I have earned my reward.

I encourage everyone to give themselves a little reward at the end of a long day of “slogging it in the trenches”. I’m not saying it has to be an “adult beverage”, but if it is, make it your favorite one. Maybe you enjoy a nice cup of tea or a handful of peanut M&M’s. I’m not here to judge, but kick back, relax, and enjoy your hard earned reward.

Just a quick PSA to wrap up. If you do choose an alcoholic beverage please drink responsibly.


Everyone’s Favourite Canadian

Sitting in the Middle

Tonight I attended a country music concert with my fiancée. It had some musicians we both enjoyed and I was introduced to an up and coming group I was not aware of. To sum up the evening I had a pretty dam good time. However, since my day is not complete without dispensing some sage advice grab a knee and listen up.

If you are at a function of any kind and sit in the middle of a row settle in and get comfy. I really don’t think people understand just how many people you are inconveniencing when you get up to get out of your seat. The only valid reason to get up and make people move during a performance or when the game is in motion is when you have an emergency. Otherwise wait for intermission, half-time, or period break. You don’t need the nacho’s, beer, or t-shirt that badly. I also don’t consider needing to use the bathroom a valid reason either. Business should have either been taken care of prior to sitting down or during a scheduled break.

However, I have a solution. If you HAVE to get up you must purchase a beverage for each person you are inconveniencing. I figure beer for the adults and ice tea or what have you for the underage. That way you get out of your seat for whatever you need to accomplish and everyone else is compensated.

Discontinued Items

Whenever the front end staff of the chain pharmacy that I work for finds that an item has been discontinued the item storage spot is removed and normally quickly replaced with something else. We are mostly informed by our corporate purchasing team when said items are going away, but occasionally one sneaks through the cracks and we don’t learn about it till a customer/patient comes to us for help looking for it and we discover the item is no longer available. With that being said I have 2 recent instances where there was zero effort put into removing that item from inventory list that is made viewable to the consumer.

The first instance is where I ordered a replacement part for one of my airsoft rifles. I knew I was taking a risk by ordering from a lesser known site, but when the price can’t be beat how can one argue. I received an order confirmation, payment was taken from my account, and a notice that I would receive shipping info once the item went out. Three days later I received a cancelation notice from the company and my money was refunded the next day. Upon sending an inquiry as to what happened I was informed the item was no longer available. I further asked why it wasn’t labeled as such online even at the moment only to learn that their online inventory was only updated once a month. I let it go at the point, but one has to wonder how often that  happens. It would also like to point out that this is how a lot of internet start ups run into trouble.

My second story happened at a local non-chain restaurant. Two weeks in a row they did not stock a beer I wanted to try. Through an acquaintance I learned that once they run out of specialty beers they don’t restock. Fine by me, but what would it be to take a black sharpie marker and cross it off of what 30 specialty menu’s?

Here’s my bottom line. Both of the scenarios could have been avoided if probably just one person did their job more effectively. I’m really angry just more disappointed than anything and hate having my time wasted.

“If I screwed up at my job this much I probably would have been shit canned a long time ago.” I find myself thinking that a lot lately and have come close to saying a time or two as well. Am I asking too much here people?