Hazard Pay?

So as not to overload with my thoughts on airsoft Ill try and break it up with some of rants about other things. Although I don’t normally suffer from seasonal allergies I do have a medication allergy and need to be careful about antibiotics on the rare occasion that I would need one. If I take Amoxicillin or one of its several cousins I develop hives, begin to itch, and normally within a few minutes if I don’t receive a dose of Benadryl or an epinephrine injection my airways close up and I will most likely suffocate.

I bring this up because the number one liquid antibiotic that flies off our shelves is Amoxicillin. I can fill any form of this and not have a second though about it because its sealed in a bottle. The problem comes at pick up when the water must be added to the powder before handing it off to the patient.

Yes I could pass the mixing task off to someone else, but in the retail pharmacy universe that isn’t always an option. I’ve been able to hold my breath in excess of a minute so the 30 seconds it takes me to pierce the seal add the water and recap to mix is no big deal, but it gets a little complicated with multiple bottles.

I guess what I am trying to say is could I get some hazard pay?