Earn Your Dirt

Hey kids. I know it’s been a minute since I’ve been on here to say anything, but buying a new house, wife pregnant wife our first child, and work requiring more from me I had to figure out how to squeeze some sleep in there so this got put on the back burner. However, before I fade back into the shadows I need to put some people on blast for a second.

In case your not aware Nordstrom’s has decided they well be selling “work” worn jeans. Ranging somewhere from mud caked to paint splattered. Now, at first I thought this was just going to be another stone washed or sand worn fad kind of thing. Then I saw them and at first laughed and then became angry.

To me mucked up and dirty jeans and clothes in general are something that happens through hard work. Now, I know the purchaser for Nordstrom’s saw this and knew that they would be able to make a killing off the idiots that will part with ridiculous amounts of money for the “in” item or the thing the helps them look more socially acceptable among their underlings, but lets be honest, no one is going to respect the poser. In fact I would probably chase off a supervisor if I saw them walk on a job site in a pair. (I worked construction for a time in my life and still do as a side gig.)

If there is anyone out there that willingly buys these jeans and tries to pass themselves off as an individual that has earned their dirt by working a trade and I catch you……run….run as fast as you can. Tradesmen work way too hard to have to deal with shmucks like you and I just wont tolerate it.

Actually you know what. If you really want them that bad I’ve got a couple of retired pairs I’ll part with. Let’s start the bidding at $200 and let’s see where this goes.

Full Ahead

At this point in time I have successfully completed the second hell day in the new year. Generally the first three weeks of the year are a complete shit show in most retail pharmacy settings. Everyone is trying to figure out their new insurances and switch between pharmacies for one of a dozen different reasons.

Comparative to day one it was more successful in the fact that for once I didn’t leave anything hanging that I had to worry about the next shift picking up the ball and running with it. However from the time I walked in till about 5 minutes before close I had to keep the gas petal pinned to the floor along with everyone else. Again, nothing new, but when trying to come back to a normal or just slower tempo after having the throttle pinned for almost my whole shift is somewhat difficult.

When I found myself finished for the day a sense of panic hit me for a second. I still had what seemed like a bunch of wound up energy and was capable of running a gauntlet if need. The volume was stuck at 10 for a minute. Now that I am at home I’m closer to a 6 instead of the 2 I normally am at right before bed. Sleep will just have to take a back seat for now.


Know Your Place

I must have half written this post six or seven times over the last week or so in attempt to convey my view point and not sound like a total jackass. At this point coupled with my inability to sleep I’m just going to let the thoughts flow and hope the makes some sense and aren’t just the incoherent ramblings of a mad man.

Knowing your place in the hierarchy of a work places structure is critical. It means that you understand your position in its entirety and can essentially function autonomously. If your supervisor hasn’t conveyed it to you I’m telling you now that your hard work is greatly appreciated. They don’t have to constantly “supervise” you and can focus energies where needed.

This kind of work ethic does not go unnoticed. It will result in praise, raises, and promotions. Which brings me closer to point I’m trying to make. When you are eventually elevated to a higher level position or a different department it doesn’t mean forget what you have learned to this point. You should also expect to have to step back down in the trenches and do those old tasks again no matter what the reason. Those said previous tasks do not become beneath you. Remember that you did them for some amount of time to get where you are.

To paraphrase what Mel Gibson’s character (Lt. Col. Hal Moore) said in, We Were Soldiers, “You will master your job. You will then teach it to the man above and below you.” I’m not sure how this exactly ties into everything here, but I liked those lines a lot. Everyone must work together as one. Capable of covering the position of the person above and below in case of a man down situation.  This is applicable in any work environment showing that you have mastered your own position and are flexible to do other tasks and have already learned some if not all of the needed skills in order to move up into the next position.



And Your Grand Total Is…

If you remember that part from Supermarket Sweep then you most likely had an awesome childhood like me and enjoyed watching that game show. Give yourself a bro five and keep reading.

When your at the register I’m going to assume you are in a hurry much like the person manning the register wants to get you the hell out of there because there is either a line of people or there are a bakers dozen of other tasks to complete before the shift is over. However, please wait to be told your total before trying to give a form of payment.

Firstly, despite how advanced some of the cash registers are they are still computers and depending on the network they are hooked up to it may take a beat or two before the payment part of the transaction can be completed. Please don’t try and swipe, tap, or insert your credit/debit card mid transaction. In most instances there is going to be something that undoes or prevents the actual processing of the card. Just have it ready in your hand and then use when instructed/prompted to.

Second, please don’t try and hand us cash while we trying to get to the point where we can take it and put said money in the register. Again, wait for the total to be announced. Please get your money out and ready to hand over when asked for it, especially if you know you are going to have to dig for it, but standing there with the money essentially being shoved at us isn’t going to make the register close the transaction any quicker or the draw pop open any sooner for that manner. When it is done to me in the pharmacy I will take and promptly place money on the counter because I am not ready to receive it. (I have had a couple people pick it back and try to hand it to me again at which point they are informed I wasn’t ready to take it and need to wait for the register.)

Again, all parties involved are generally interested in completing the sale quickly, but most of us running the register want it done correctly as well too. At my location we do have the best touch screen register available, but even they can be overly sensitive. So yes, we are going to take an extra couple of seconds to avoid a headache. Just take those extra couple of seconds to ponder the meaning of life.

Work Footwear

When I buy a pair of sneakers for working in the pharmacy I tend to drop a few extra sheckles on them for both comfort and performance. I will be in them a minimum of 7 hours a shift. I also resign myself to the fact that they will most likely start falling apart within 8 months. I’m going to be honest with you. If you work foot wear doesn’t do the same thing you, you either have a cushy job or your not working hard enough.

However I’m not going to replace my footwear on a yearly basis. Just from a budgetary stand point its not feasible. At the minimum I require two years of service from my work kicks before I can even think of retiring them and relegating them to house knock arounds or yard work status.

Since starting college I have learned to repair my footwear as needed. Sometimes it’s a simple glue job while other times it requires some stitching. Luckily, this time it was just a glue job in most spots to get some of the loose pieces back together. Once that was accomplished I noticed an increase in support as well so I most likely strengthened them in some fashion.

The sneakers started breaking down a while ago, but the prognosis at this point is that I’ve probably got at least another 6 months of consistent use on them providing no major failures.

Salary Caps

So upon awakening today I give Facebook a quick check before arising to officially start my day and I see a friend post about how one of the individuals they know thinks there should be a cap on how much a working person can earn. The second I saw that I knew I had a BLOG topic. Just to be clear I mostly agree with said persons thoughts. Before you decided to try and shout me down please be sure to read all of my BLOG so you can make an informed opinion.

There should be a clearly defined salary cap for jobs for a variety of reasons. Just so that an employee has an idea of where their potential total earnings can equal out to is a great for starters. Said employee may be happy with hitting their salary cap and can make a comfortable living when they hit that point. I know exactly what my salary cap is and have figured out that I can live comfortably off of that for the rest of my working career.

However, I will not be happy once I reach said cap level. I believe that if I continue to work hard and meet/surpass the standards and goals set out before me that I should be rewarded with a raise each year. With that being said though I also understand that putting caps on certain job levels or positions makes sense in order to motivate the employee. Yes, employers are literally saying that this is what we think this positions yearly max worth is.

It is at this point that if you as an employee want to earn more, you will need to figure out a way to advance yourself. In most instances it will be through a combination of additional hard work at your job and through education/additional training. That way you can say to your boss, “Hey, I’ve been working hard and added some tools to my bag of tricks. I would like to talk about getting a promotion.” Both of which I have been doing and am on track for a promotion/job change of sorts.

Let’s be honest here though. I know that salary capping is also a money saving tool for any employer. Most companies don’t want to shell out any more cash to their employees than they have to. Again though, this should be a motivating factor to figure out how to advance one’s self either up through the ranks or taking your experience somewhere else for better pay.

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

As I sit here and my class works on their review packets for their upcoming tests I find myself with sometime to let my mind wander for a few minutes. After about 30 seconds of my brain trying to kick start itself I remembered that I had a fiancée that I haven’t seen and barely talked to going four days now. Such is the life of a person who has two jobs.

(This is the part where I would insert a picture of me rolling in a pile of cash, but since I have loans to pay……well I think everyone can do that math.)

I immediately had a rush of feelings. Guilt, depression, but ultimately happiness and love. For today I get a break from the doubles and can resume a somewhat normal routine and get to spend time with my better half. Based on her being my first thought I would say that the old credo holds true, Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

On an aside…I know that I am normally good for more than a quick few paragraphs of nonsense, but again if it isn’t clear I am a busy person. Unless I find a respite during the day I’m normally running on reserves by late evening and not firing on all cylinders. I still have words of wisdom and other anecdotes to share just going to be bite sized chunks for now.