Ladies. Gather round and grab a knee. When someone of the male gender pays you a compliment please just accept it. For the love of red velvet cake stop arguing the compliment with us. If it is coming from your significant other it is even  more significantly frustrating. I know that there is a small percentage of my gender that may be disingenuous at times and I apologize for those assholes, but for the majority of us mean what we say. Please accept the compliment I promise we mean it.

On behalf of my fellow knuckle draggers everywhere,  I beg of you, take the compliment just so we can maintain our sanity. You confuse us enough the way it is.

Ladies, you are beautiful, radiant, pretty, awesome, smart, sexy, wonderful, etc…and yes that top does look nice on you. Even when you feel like a hot mess we are more than capable of seeing the woman we have come to know and love even if you hate yourself at the moment.

Clearly I am not words smith, but hopefully my point gets across.